My server just got infected by this virus yesterday from my client USB drive. The effect caused my computer run slowly and windows explorer keep crashing if I open to much programs. It’s very easy to remove this virus just keep reading this short articles…

To detect if you’re infected by this virus is your computer run very slow especially if you’re using explorer.exe resource. You will find file with name “recycler.lnk” in C:\ drive and you will find also “Internet explorer.lnk” (without icon) in your start menu. When you try to delete this shortcut it will coming back and your computer response become more slowly.

Virus spreading from USB drive, if you find out your computer infected don’t add USB drive into it and also if you can unplug that infected computers from local networks to stop it spreading.


How To Remove Recycler.lnk Virus :

1. Disconnected your computer from Internet/local networks.

2. Close all running programs, Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to run task manager and kill all process name “Rundll32.exe“.

3. Go to c:\ drive and choose folder option, tab view, show hidden files and folders, and the un-check “Hide protected operating system files (recommended)” then click apply.

4. Find file with name “mso.sys” in c:\ root drive then deleted it. Don’t worry this is a fake system files which actually the core of this virus.

5. Run MSConfig, Start -> Run -> Type “msconfig” (without quote), Remove “recycler.lnk” and “Internet Explorer.lnk” from your startup list.

6. Delete “recycler.lnk” in c:\ and “Internet explorer.lnk” in your start menu, then restart your computer.

7. It’s done, Your computers should back normal again.

That’s share for today, have a nice day 😀


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