Hola, we’ll meet again 🙂 This time I will write short review about In-Text Advertising network compare. In-Text Advertising are good for website or blog with rich keyword content. I don’t mean pure text! combination with images also good in performance as long text are dominated. You don’t have to share a empty space like that f*ck*ng adsense *haha* your content is the money maker! more rich it more revenue for yours.

After a week testing performance of each network between kontera, infolinks and linkwords. Finally here is the final short reviews for the result, please don’t blame me if I give wrong review from your side this is just fan review no need to fight each other for this short review 😛

1. Kontera

Very low CPC and eCPM, loading very slow and almost amusing readers. I’m not recommended you to use kontera as it might make you loose your time and benefit but if you like them then no need to comply. About payment kontera pay via Paypal, I read some publisher from digitalpoint forum get banned once they near to payout.

2. Infolinks

I love this one that’s why I used them, Average CPC and eCPM, fast on loading with smart technology to choose almost many keywords that interest readers. More innovative on result like explanation words about the keywords, nice template design. Paid via paypal and bank transfer each month net 45 minimum is $100. I recommended infolinks to try.

3. Linkwords (AKA Linkworth.com product)

I would compare this one with infolinks, they really have VERY HIGH CPC and eCPM in this industry. Last week I confused on choosing linkwords or infolinks. You know because they rate are good compared with infolinks. But…………… There is the bad thing I didn’t like: Template design = really noob , Loading = average slow, Keywords = not rich. Paid via paypal each month minimum $25. I recomended linkwords to try.

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