Well.. good morning everyone πŸ˜› , I’m interesting to write this article after reading some article on cosaaranda blog about meta tag to optimize SEO score. The reality we face now almost people or webmaster forgot about meta ( included me sometimes he he he πŸ˜› )Γ‚  so let me write about my own experience with meta to help some people optimize their web/blog.

Basically meta used for robot/crawler to get information from your web/blog, But be careful when you write irrelevant meta tag your site might will crawled in wrong way and resultΓ‚  might will false.

1. Meta Description:

Used to describe about your website, this words will also will be placed on search engine result. Example on one of my site meta description is about “Server project of nexustk the kingdom of the wind emulator and atlantia development free flash games” (yea I know this meta description s*ck LOL)Γ‚  see the result in google search engine.


What will happen if most search engine not found meta description on your site? not sure about all crawler but one I know google crawler bot will crawl the top words to be put inΓ‚  search result.

2.Γ‚  Meta Keyword:

Used to describe your site keyword in search result on search engine this is sorted from first keyword to be the first priority . Again sample on one of my site meta keyword is “nexmutk,nexustk,baram,nexia,nexustk map editor,emulator,ps1,ps2,bios,scph,games,development,install shield,earn money,game server,server games,mmorpg,nexustk packet,nexustk emulator,gunbound,darkages,lunentia,ts online,ran online,maplestory,donation,project,developer,visual basic,vb6,utility,zlib compression,paypal,egold,kingdom of the winds” see the result when I search something using keyword “nexmutk”


So the answer is when you need to fill your meta keyword this keyword MUST included at least 1-3 words in your site content. This also the way for some people try to targeting HPK (high paying keyword) from google adsense to get HPK ads showing on their site.. that s*ck is it?!?! YES MONEY RULES! *LOL* πŸ˜›

Alright we focused on this 2 meta first, other meta and their function will be written on next article. Usually meta tag should written on header files, the problem is lot and ALMOST header files is static.

How we can make dynamic meta on static header?!

Simple and easy as 1-2-3 :p if you’re advanced in php/database programming this should can be done in only 5 minutes he he he.. how we can done with this one.. listen to me carefully I will not tell you the code but only my vision *LOL* when you programing your site you can describe your meta to follow your pages words content, remember meta description no more than 150 character this way is for medium level programing. for some people who advanced on database you can write your meta from your database by calling it out, there is other way also using rewrite rules to play with your meta and many many ways to do this. Maybe next time I will write some sample code for this.

Have good day everyone πŸ™‚

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