GOOD SEO = Unstoppable Traffic = Money

This one I forgot for almost a month to optimize my site traffic performance. Meta Title, Keywords, and Description should be optimized to get maximum indexed by search engine. Play it with simple code modification, If you have dynamic site this can be done in easy by just change some parameters to optimize all that meta.

Example: Said you have a gaming site, By default all headers only optimized by fixed meta title, keyword, and description. I recommended you to change that fixed meta with dynamic meta.

How? Simple! give it at least game title on your page title it should optimized SEO if you familiar with php or html this can be done very easy. Play also with keywords and description make it more optimized by keyword search.

The last thing for SEO today is almost lot of search engine love to indexed “.html” more than indexed “.php?id=” If you’re running php site this can be fixed by mod rewrite. Sorry I can’t tell you totally 100% how you can change that “.php?id=” to become “.html” I just prefer you to search it on google on how you can make it, This way is recommended for you if you like to optimize your SEO.

This might not become a big attention for some webmaster but if you know how it works why you’re not try it. I’ll guarantee you will get more traffic after you optimized this meta.

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