Hello everyone 🙂 this is another good SEO plugins for 4images gallery systems. This sitemap generator can help your visitor or any SE bot found out detailed about your website. This can help you raise your pagerank and also in same time helping your page got indexed in Search Engine. I have tested this plugin on my wallpapers site www.innovativedesktop.com using 4images v1.7.4 and it’s working pretty good without any bug.


First, what you need for this plugin? You need to download this package first. Extract it then upload it into your hosting (default template name should be changed with your own template name)

Alright now we ready for installation:

1. Open includes/page_header.php


"media_url" => MEDIA_PATH,

Insert bellow:

“url_sitemap” => $site_sess->url(ROOT_PATH.”sitemap.php”),
“lang_sitemap” => $lang[‘sitemap’],

In case code coverted wrong download page_header.php in HERE!

2. Open lang/<your language> /main.php

At the end, before closing ?> insert:

$lang['sitemap'] = "Sitemap";
$lang['sitemap_legend'] = "Legend";
$lang['sitemap_viewimages_yes'] = "Allowed view images";
$lang['sitemap_viewimages_no'] = "Not allowed view images";
$lang['sitemap_viewimages_new_yes'] = "With new images and you are allowed view images";
$lang['sitemap_viewimages_new_no'] = "With new images but you are not allowed view images";
$lang['sitemap_cat_info'] = "<span class=\"sitemapinfo\">{lang_images}{lang_new_images}{lang_hits}{lang_description}</span>";
$lang['sitemap_images'] = "Images: {images}";
$lang['sitemap_new_images'] = " (New: {new_images})";
$lang['sitemap_hits'] = " Hits: {hits}";
$lang['sitemap_description'] = " Description: {description}";
$lang['sitemap_hidden'] = "< hidden >";

In case code coverted wrong download main.php in HERE!

4. Open templates/<your template>/user_logininfo.html and templates/<your template>/user_loginform.html

In the place where you want the link to sitemap be showed add the following html code:

 <a href="{url_sitemap}">{lang_sitemap}</a>

5. Open templates/<your template>/style.cssÂ


font-size: 9px;
padding: 2px 2px 2px 2px;
margin: 2px 2px 2px 2px;
color: #8794A7;
background-color: #e1e1e1;
color: #004c75;

background-color: #efefef;
color: #004c75;

Well done now the last hard things you have to do it manually. Check your sitemap view, if it fit with your page then you don’t need to make modification. when you need to modificate the view code file sitemap.html should be changed following your home.html structures not at all just changed it so it can fit your pages.

And you’re ready! enjoy! 😀

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