Secret?? Not yet.. mostly people already know this secret but some didn’t know so here I will share this article. If you’re already know about this just leave this article right now.

What actually search engine ranking position (SERP) and how it can affect your website. Search engine ranking position (SERP) is the listing of web pages returned by a search engine in response to a keyword query… more details can be reading in here.

How it can affect your website? Mostly first top 10 search result will got visited by searcher. That mean more traffic, traffic mean money 🙂 that’s why SERP is needed to learned if you want to monetize your traffic 😛


Basically SERP calculated automatically by ROBOT, the more link you have into your website mean you will get better ranking. In this case if you have  enough money you can buy million to billion link from other website to linked into your website, your SERP will raise up trust me…

For easiest way to understand this explanation look on this chart:


*Better SERP


*Worst SERP

The more link you have the more your ranking better, that’s why people sold link in their website to help you raise your SERP.


Meta and Keyword, Black Hat SEO using repeated keyword in one page, in result their SERP are better. Example you website keyword target is about money you write meta keyword “money” and in your page you repeated keyword “money” at least 3 times. It can raise your SERP… anyway if someone found out you cheating they might reported you, be quiet to many haters out there 😛


Content, More genuine content will raise your SERP. how to checked if your content is genuine? you can check it from search engine or you can check from copyscape website. anyway this is automatic robot not mean if your content not genuine…

That’s all for today… thanks for reading my blog 🙂

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