In this article we will learn how to created online/offline server status, mostly this php code function used in gaming site to show server available or not. In my emulate site I was created sample php snippet code to show server online/offline.

Click here to read sample code in txt format.

All you need is just this sample code:

$ip = “this.ismy.ip.number”;
$port = “portnumber”;

if ($check=@fsockopen($ip,$port,$ERROR_NO,$ERROR_STR,(float)0.5))
echo “MY OWN SERVER<br>”;
echo “<img border=’0′ src=’images/online.jpg’ alt=’ONLINE’>”;
echo “MY OWN SERVER<br>”;
echo “<img border=’0′ src=’images/offline.jpg’ alt=’OFFLINE’>”;

Sample result:


Just that! really simple right? he he he.. you can costumize and added anything to make it more beauty. Anyway if you like to play games or bored with life *lol* come to my emulate site and play games together.

Done, Have a good day 😀

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