paypal_debit_card.JPGPaypal Debit Card, I like this card looks. Simple and useful to get instant control cash in your paypal account. Bored to waiting cash withdrawn to your bank account? I already try withdraw some money to my bank account, It’s success but takes to much time. More BIG money we withdrawn more fast the process but when we withdrawn just a little it’s takes 1 week for waiting, it’s really slow.

With paypal debit cards we can withdrawn our money from any ATM worldwide who’s have mastercard logo on it. Like it? You can apply it by login to your paypal account and start to apply it. Anyway only premier and business account can apply it. If you’re still on personal account you can upgrade it for FREE, But remember there is different fees between personal account and premier/business account.

With this card you can also purchase any item in online eStore, you will got 100% protection against unauthorized charges to your card. Earn 1% cashback for any purchase.

Is there a withdrawal or spending limit using the PayPal Debit Card?
The default spending limits for the PayPal Debit Card are:
Daily spending limit is $3,000.00 USD.
Daily ATM Limit: $400.00 USD.

How long does it take to get the PayPal Debit Card once your application is approved? It usually takes 2–4 weeks to receive your PayPal Debit Card in the mail.

Learn more about it on paypal website.
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

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