Short Reviews

Big green from google adsense, Some of you might already know this or maybe not already know about this, Started on January 2008 google adsense for referrals product will no longer supported on some country including my country, Indonesia.


This is the green alert I got when I checked my adsense account, I know your question WHY google stop this referrals product in some country. I just go to Adsense blogs and read on there…

If you’re outside of North America, Latin America, and Japan, AdSense referrals will be retired.

WHoaaaaaa….. stop screaming! =p this is not the end of day he he… google has bring good movement since the referrals is not GOOD on performance they dreaming before, This is not THE END we still can show and earn with adsense referrals product, BUT not for referring another webmaster to joined adsense (this is the biggest and easiest earning when we can get bonus $2.000,00 easily =p) so if you’re live in outside those 3 country stop dreaming about get bonus from adsense again.

But, hey! it is not fair?
No need to worry friends! I was looking on the earnings reports and found google pay more to us using their content and search product. I hope this is compensation for everyone who’s live outside that 3 country.

fair play and good targeting congratulation for adsense =p

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Short Reviews

This is my 4th month using Dreamhost service and the result is I love Dreamhost! Dreamhost management are funny and really creative, professional but always bring their low profile not forget to sometimes write jokes on their email or blog. I love it! this is my first hosting that really make me interested.

Today dreamhost make a false management on their billing and they send me an email with funny words ha ha.. I laughing on it but really I love how they take costumer attention I will not get anger when I know they make false and apologize for it.

Dreamhost better than other! yaa.. we all know there is some hosting company really jerk and sometimes we can’t choose which one really fit our needs. In Dreamhost your space and bandwith will grown every weeks so you don’t need to worry about meet your limit on space and bandwith. It costly around $119 per year (not cheap) but I think it’s fair enough with their performance and support.

The BAD thing I hate about dreamhost is some people say they blocked some crawler or robot to crawl our website.. it’s not good when those robot cannot find information on our site for they add it on their search results.

Aynway if you want to get discount for new costumer you can use my coupon SUPERDUPER50 it will give you $50 discount for new costumer on dreamhost.

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Make Money Online

How to make profit daily for yourself. We all know if we’re going to be an advertising we might can not get profit return in our publisher account. example we’re have campaign and it cost us $100 a day in return to our publisher account it may be higher or lower.. but in normal condition it will become lower, it’s not profitable…

So how, we can get profit from it?

Have you ever heard about affiliate programs that’s the way we can use to get profit from money we advertising in return. Of course we need quality traffic and I already tell you how and where to buy quality traffic which it can be turn as profit for yourself.

How I can say it profitable? read this carefully!

Let say I have campaign cost me $100 daily using google adwords, in return I get $60 to my google adsense and lost $40, where I can get this $40 converted? try some affiliate program, sale something on your web.

I have friends write this on digitalpoint forums about how he make this profit in only 20 minutes.

He’s used google adwords and it cost him $3.62

In return on he’s google adsense account actually he’s make profit on this time. he made $12.61


Smart people always know how to maximize it, he’s combined it with commision junction and made $30 for commission.

So let’s calculate it!! how much this friends make profit.

$30+$12.61-$3.62 = $38.99

Do you understand no how we can make profit daily? in real result it might not really easy for some newbie to make profit using this way. just keep learn and try, not all have same way to generate revenue for himself. when you didn’t reach profit you should stop and checking again what’s wrong with yourself.


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Short Reviews

Just update today, one of my friend buzz me on Yahoo! Messenger and tell me google just update pagerank. There is HAPPY and SAD Story for some bloggers who joined paid per post program and other paid links.

Google give penalty to PayPerPost members by reducing their pagerank going down. Another report from some of my friends… there is penalty also for TextLinkAds members other report their PR going down because SPAM link and NOT UPDATE their content. Basically if you want to get high pagerank you have to get backlink, the problem is not the QUANTITY but the QUALITY.

Since paid for review programs and paid link programs come out lot of advertiser was advertising to raise up their Pagerank ,This make Pagerank logarithm become not clear. Google are not stupid… their smart.. everyone cheating will get caught even sometime it need time.

Anyway I think joining paid for review or sale link actually will not affected on our pagerank as long We keep Bring relevant and genuine content combined with that paid section

I care about my pagerank so I checked all my websites…

  • PR 2 (not change)
  • PR 1 (up from 0 )
  • PR 1 (not change)
  • PR 1 (not change)
  • PR 1 (down from 4 to 1 since spammer spam my forum with their xxx advert)
  • PR 1 (down from 4 to 1 since spammer spam my forum with their xxx advert)
  • PR 2 (not change, even I joined but I always write my genuine content.. that’s why google not penalty it.. I HOPE)
  • PR 0 (not change, this blog still young =p)

I hope on next cycle it can be raised =p , I personally not really sure how pagerank works and calculate but I believe QUALITY are better than QUANTITY.

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Short Reviews

A week ago my friends invited me to try joined on PPP network to monetize my website, I was looking on there…

Heck! I feel like I was on wrong place, I was reading on their FAQ but I fell something will false on there even they status still beta.

The website look like unprofessional design, I was think what the benefit for those advertiser to pay publisher just for send sound ads to visitor.. what they return just for hearing some sound ads?

Maybe… Trojan or Adware? I’m not sure..

Then I looking on their sample ads I was surprised. PPP Ads just 5 second sound BUZZ think if I have traffic this is very easy way to monetize my website.

Anyway I fell this is will false, just wait and see on their performance.

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