I Just buy this 6235 yesterday from local dealers in here with price $75 or around Rp.730.000 Actually I’m not satisfied with design and hardware this phone offer. I will change it with another type but I like to write review it first for some people who’s might need information for this phone.

This 6235 can be categorized as middle class phone. If this phone needed to compare with older nokia CDMA series of course 6235 better. I said better in where? This phone more stable to be used as modem (compare with older series nokia CDMA). This phone doesn’t have bluetooth connection (the bad thing). Connection only can be done through CA-53(compatible) Data cable and infrared.

About the style? I really doesn’t care about phone style but I can say this 6235 is Enough to fit your style :) . Simple and clean, The bad thing I hate is the key navigation is to small.. sometimes I made mistakes because this key navigation *LOL* Color is enough, Sound Quality good, Camera bad (in result size and quality)

In total result, for me personally this phone is not good yet.

Nokia 6235

Network Operation: CDMA 800/1900 (R-UIM)


65K color screen
VGA camera with video recording
Streaming video capability
Integrated FM radio
10MB internal memory
MP3 ringtones
IR and USB

Superb Sights & Sounds
Integrated VGA camera and video recorder to record special moments
Video streaming for information and entertainment on-the-go
Tune-in to chart-topping hits with the integrated FM radio
Richer browsing experience with WAP 2.0

Set Your Own Style
Discover more options for work and play with the latest downloadable Javaâ„¢ applications and games.
Express your mood with a selection of animated screensavers and wallpapers
Use your own voice recordings or MP3/AAC music clips as unique ringing tones

Connectivity & Data Transfer
Digital Rights Management for content protection
High-speed wireless data connections with CDMA 1X
Infrared with picture exchange

Ringing Tones
24-chord polyphonic ringing tones (MIDI)
QCELP & MP3 ringing tones

Volume: 69 cc
Weight: 98g
Length: 105.5 mm
Width 42.3 mm
Thickness: 18 mm

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