Hi everyone, finally….. In this article I want to share my strategy how to win forex daily 🙂

First please note this strategy not always will make you profit 100% but in my case 8:2 i’m profit. You can not blame or bomb me *LOL* when this strategy make you loss to much.. this strategy works fine with me and maybe for other but not guarantee as is.

First before you open daily position on market you have to read some news and prediction here are some great source you may take a look before:

1. http://webservices.realtimeforex.com/webservice/daily-market-comment

This site provide really good prediction even sometimes(7:3) it’s missed to 70-80% but I really recommended you to read prediction in there first before you open your position.

2. http://www.babypips.com

Really good source for fundamental and prediction on up or down the trend market will go, not 100% accurate but 7:3 it’s really smashing the market!

* You can find other from search engine.

Now calculate your total money and how much you can afford to loose, IÂ really recommended to use 1-5% from your total money to used as open position. Why not using 50% or more? no pals there is no really 100% prediction will follow in the market so play safely and take profit as you think it’s much enough or you will LOSS ALL YOUR MONEY.

Ready? now open your position and let it floating, set your SL (stop loose) and your TP (target point) to keep your money are safe and not lose to many. When the good time to open position? OPEN IT WHEN MARKET PREPARE TO OPEN. In this case use time converter my timezone is GMT+7 usually I open on 9AM, 4PM, 8PM. Out from this time frame you will only look a small movement.

When to choose the right time to close position when profit? When you are green 🙂 as much 10-20 point you should close it or you could double, triple it or loos more. Follow my strategy? 20+ point! if it floating to much I close it before it going minus.

Said you profit 100 point daily and your total money is $10.000 you’re using 1% margin from your total money (really safe) you could make $100x5x4 = $2000 monthly, in a year if you stable you could make $24.000 that’s 240% ROI. This is just really simple simulation.

Interesting huh? yeah… I know you’re interesting when you want to try this strategy and start make profit you can email me on istanto@gmail.com I have limited 10 coupons for only 10 people really interesting.

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