Merry Christmas everyone!! 🙂 enjoy this season and wish you all earn more money… hohoho… Alright lets write something interesting today, This is truly really brilliant step by perfectmoney… I have never seen any payment processor out there trying to help all of their members to grown but not in here… perfectmoney will help you to grown. 🙂

If you’re asking did I promoting perfectmoney? NO I DIDN’T PROMOTE THEM. I just interesting to write about them because of my real interest and I believe this is an great offer they provide for each person to person. In the past I already writing about Make money by lend other people loan. At this step we all already know how we can earn in profitable way, but It’s limited to UK members only.

Perfectmoney might reading some potential business on there and created an simple platform to lend and get loan with easy and secured. All perfectmoney members can lend other money and get a loan to start their business. Just Register on perfectmoney site, get verified, get reputation, and start to lending on get loan!


Is that so simple? yes it is! once you registered as perfectmoney members you have ability to lending or get a loan in simple way. What’s the catch? Nothing at all, be optimist in your life. Take a look on this simple step how to give lend or take a loan.

  1. Login into your perfectmoney account.
  2. Look on credit exchange program go to this page.
  3. You will see menu give a loan and take a loan.
  4. If you’re want to give a loan click on Give a loan you will see request of borrower on there. You also can created a new loan offer to meet your needs.
  5. If you’re need to borrow money click on Take a loan you will see some request to lend on there. You also can created a new loan offer to meet your needs.

As a loan lender how this way will make an profit for yourself? You will lend some people money to help them grown their business. In time you will earn your money back PLUS your interest rate. This interest rate is your profit. As a borrower how this way will make an profit for yourself? You will borrow some people money and used it to grown your own business. Be carefully because you have to give it back PLUS interest rate, So you have to decide which really profitable business before you take a loan.

This is better than private loan offers. Why? perfectmoney will stand in the back of this business. Of course it’s better than private loan since they may have not enough money to keep this business stay alive. This is more secure! of course… No one planning to loss their money including me 😛 Perfectmoney have an verification system, they also has reputation system. This will help us as lender to choose which borrower really need some cash and they have possibilities to return it back. Don’t lend to people you don’t believe.

That’s it, Hope you all have a great day on this season. Have a nice day 🙂


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