This is an interesting articles how to make money online from your .exe application. Sometimes I was thinking (lol, really) “how those people created an free application and they can still pay their bills each month?” I mean how they can pay their bill if they’re not sold that application? if they sold it maybe their application not become so popular or maybe they have any reason? Free? that was just crazy! 😀

I will not giving away my idea and my time for free, it’s to priceless. If people love my application to be free then I will make sure it free. But how I can make money if no one donate to me? at least $1 for my time and my idea to make that application? Simple just use PPI programs.

PPI stands for pay per install. There is many PPI programs around the net some of them bad some good. For example there is some PPI program pushing people without notification to install blablabla (this is bad) some will give option to install it or not (good). In this short articles we will learn how to monetize our .exe using PPI program and how to integrate PPI programs into our .exe installer.

The best PPI program I can find is Why They are the best? I have personal reason to tell you they are truly the best in PPI industry:

  1. Their client is reputable company ex: MSN, Bing, RealMedia, and Yahoo!
  2. Their PPI programs has options for users to choose install it or leave it.
  3. Their PPI programs can be adopted to many install shield such as NSIS, INNO, WISE, INSTALLSHIELD, and SETUP FACTORY.


People always love free stuff. With this people habit, we have big possibilities to reach the maximum earnings with PPI programs. What the simple secret key to success in PPI programs?

  1. Make sure everything is free, people will have desire to try it.
  2. Make an interesting application, “interesting” is big words explanation, just keep it interesting!

If you’re ready, go to signup on there and waiting for their approval. Once they welcomed you login into your user panel and created co-bundle on there. Read documentation about how to add that link into your installshield program.

For example I tried to monetize some free application I created. Once my programs done I just simply using NSIS to compile the install shield following documentation from and the test is working great…

In the middle of install process installmonetizer will pause your instalation for a seconds and then show this installer options (programs deppend on your co-bundle)

Your users have option to agree or decline, If they decline installation will continue but if they agree installation will continue then run installmonetizer program in silent mode. Once your users done install it you make money here 🙂

How to perform it? just add this code below into your NSIS code on your installer section and it will works like a charm. You may need to read some documentation on if you meet some problems.

inetc::get /SILENT “” “$PLUGINSDIR\InstallManager.exe” /end

ExecWait “$PLUGINSDIR\InstallManager.exe 101”

;ExecWait “$PLUGINSDIR\InstallManager.exe”

Next step, Spread your programs to the world, Make it commercial, then sit back and enjoy some coffee. Once you feel success created another interesting application then as usually make it free so people will take attention to try it.

That’s for today, I wish everyone have nice day 😀


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