Good day, This is my latest software creation but it was freedom limitless because it has to be designed following people wants (not my freedom of creation). In a short paragraph this software was designed to monitor machine production on every machine (global), auto resurrect HIM-self (database repair) calculating percentage, do logical match, etc. The story started 5 month ago, in my office there is similar software for production counter but it was really bad in design and always have problem. I was be responsible to fix this problem and re-created a new better software. Design and function took me 2 month to completed it. But to stabilize it I need 3 month+ to learn what any variable make this program unstable. After reviewing any variable I was found the main basic problem is in infrastructure, it was electrical problem because it’s not running in isolated network.

Diagram structure for panel and networking:



I give this project name “ENIAC” with “UNIVAC-X” as him webs. Each univac-x data will be sent to eniac database and global processing on eniac. Each panel have their own brain so if there is one panel error then data for tha panel will not be accurate. Each panel have logic and I have full control of this logic via internet (mean I can shut it down anytime I want he he he..)



Here are some features this program have, actually there is some vital point I hide in here to prevent copying :

1. Real time monitoring via desktop and web.



Users can view real time production and percentage calculation via desktop program and web. The problem is some data need manual input and we can’t find more people to work on it to reach at least 99% accuracy.

2. Logs archive.


This logs archive was used to analyze what and who the “person” made mistake. It’s also can be used to tracking any problem (If any).

3. Real time camera monitoring and camera archive.



On single machine we give one camera to monitoring it. In archive we can set how many last days we want to keep data in archive. This camera recorder also can be set by movement detection or continuous recording.

4. Managing super-user, operator, technician, and product.



In here we can set variable for super user based on theirs levels, operators, technician, and product variable that will be used for calculation.

5. Last counter, Global Information, And Network Monitoring.




Nothing specials in here it just a small tools to help IT members monitoring programs variable.

In web version the data is more complex and accurate. It was combination from any single machine data compiled. There is shift reports, alarm reports, ppm data, production reports, current live reports, reject report and personal reports.



PPM stands for production problem monitoring, basically it was be used to monitoring production per hour.


In the future (near soon) I was planned to make this data visible via Internet. Desktop or web version can be viewed anywhere, anytime. I also plan to make android application for this data to short distance between OS limitation. But it also depend on what my boss say, at least I know infrastructure for this plan is possible.

If your company need or wanted to make something similar like this or they looking for crazy people which can make a difference with their competitors or they are looking for someone can be made a revolution on industrial manufacturing you can contact me on +62-85646434477 (Istanto). I accept offers starts from Indonesia to any country as long they preparing for my passport etc.


This project may cost 10-20 million IDR per machine or $1,000 to $2,000 per machine depend on hardware price and how complex it requirement.

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