Wow.. I’m totally crazy today *lol* 😀 I just buy 4 new domains today from I do prepare to grown my online business more in other aspect (I’m really serious in adsense! I want more!) Anyway I used 4 hours to get idea and choose an familiar SEO for my domain name ha ha.. here is my new domaaaaaiin welcome my new child! (games site), (not sure about this one, I still look idea for relevant content for it), (free and paid template site), (all about technology reviews! I love this domain name)

Want my tips how do I choose my domain name?
1.I do checking on google, yahoo and MSN live for specific keyword to integrate it on my domain. example keyword: “free money” and I got result with domain name having words near to keyword showing on top list. freemoneycom,,, and bla bla bla.. You got it now?google result

2.I try as possible to get a shortest domain name why? I want people to remember my domain name with easy so they can come back later!

3.Word in keyboard position! remember standard international keyboard! at least don’t to far away from each word in keyboard!
standard international keyboard

4.Hope and little luck… he he he

Good luck on your choice ^^

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