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  1. jean-jacques favreau Says:

    mister the manager of bcs in pematang siantar
    i am a french s traveller
    i search a person, a young woman, i have see in banda aceh in april 1998
    here in banda aceh some people says may be she works in bca in pematang siantar
    her name:mrs lenny simanjuntak
    about 32 years
    my name: jean -jacques favreau
    i am french

    mister , by advance thanks you very much for your indications

  2. ratna Says:

    Dear mr. jean -jacques favreau,
    You can make a call directly to BCA pematangsiantar (+62 622 434800)to ask them if she works there or not.
    Good luck, Mr. favreau!

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