BCA KCU BANDUNG Kliring Code 0140008
BCA KCP Pasir Kaliki Kliring Code 0140016
BCA KCP Suniaraja Kliring Code 0140063
BCA KCP Sudirman Kliring Code 0140085
BCA KCP Riau Kliring Code 0140086
BCA KCP Lembang Kliring Code 0140137
BCA KCP Cimahi Kliring Code 0140139
BCA KCP Sunda Mall Kliring Code 0140156
BCA KCP Sumbersari Kliring Code 0140157
BCA KCP Kopo Kliring Code 0140176
BCA KCP Setiabudi Kliring Code 0140233
BCA KCP ABC Kliring Code 0140243
BCA KCP Padalarang Kliring Code 0140278
BCA KCP Dewi Sartika Kliring Code 0140279
BCA KCP Kiaracondong Kliring Code 0140280
BCA KCP Rajawali Kliring Code 0140281
BCA KCP Maranatha Kliring Code 0140282
BCA KCP Ujung Berung Kliring Code 0140283
BCA KCP Dayeuhkolot Kliring Code 0140337
BCA KCU SOEKARNO HATTA Kliring Code 0140346
BCA KCP Majalaya Kliring Code 0140376
BCA KCP Taman Kopo Indah Kliring Code 0140379
BCA KCU A. YANI Kliring Code 0140437
BCA KCP Burangrang Kliring Code 0140438
BCA KCP Banda Kliring Code 0140449
BCA KCP Lingkar Selatan Kliring Code 0140453
BCA KCP Bandung Trade Centre Kliring Code 0145140
BCA KCP Abdul Rachman Saleh Kliring Code 0145150
BCA KCP Cihampelas Kliring Code 0145170
BCA KCP Buah Batu Kliring Code 0147750
BCA KCU DAGO Kliring Code 0147770
BCA KCP Astana Anyar Kliring Code 0147840
BCA KCP Bandung Elctronic Center Kliring Code 0147940
BCA KCP Ahmad Yani II Kliring Code 0148090
BCA KCP Mohamad Toha Kliring Code 0148100
BCA KCP Dago Atas Kliring Code 0148320
BCA KCP Jamika Kliring Code 0148380
BCA KCP Batununggal Kliring Code 0148470
BCA KCP Pasirkaliki Atas Kliring Code 0148480

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18 Responses to “PT. BANK CENTRAL ASIA Tbk. BANDUNG”

  1. Tian Says:

    thanks for this information, very helpful ..

    I need a BCA KCP Surya Sumantri, Bandung
    I’m looking over there not?

    Perhaps there is a tau Clearing Code for BCA KCP Surya Sumantri, Bandung?

  2. Istanto Says:

    Just call his office asked for 4 digit code of the bank branch, then add the 014 front.


    amazing stuff thanx :)

  4. GADIS Says:

    If the complete address?

  5. Istanto Says:

    Please direct to check http://www.klikbca.com and complete address information.

  6. quick payday loan Says:

    I found http://www.istanto.net very informative. The article is professionally written and I feel like the author knows the subject very well. http://www.istanto.net keep it that way.

  7. Rental Komputer Says:

    Wow .. really complete. Thank’s friend ..
    if there is a need in the computer rental city of Bandung and its surroundings, just contact indorental pc. Computer a lot and quality.


  8. riki Says:

    minta alamat kantor cabang pusat bandung dong??

  9. hendy Says:

    info yang bagus… good job…

  10. nurul Says:

    i’m need a BCA adress centre in Bandung?????

    i have trouble exchanged of aplication formulir

  11. alim Says:

    Saya mau kredit rum,ah apa bisa gitu yaaaaa

  12. Curtis Powell Says:

    I need the phone number to the Bank Central Asia (BCA), Jln Kiaracondong 190, Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia.

    Thank you!

  13. Istanto Says:

    KCP Kiaracondong Jln. Kiaracondong 190 Bandung 022-7306080, 7311793, 7311794

  14. Andre Says:

    mohon informasi, untuk approval kerjasama rekanan (untuk cabang BCA di daerah) ditujukan kemana? tks..

  15. Marisa indriani Says:

    Mohon infonya,
    swift utk code BCA di Kcp cimahi. Thanks

  16. Istanto Says:

    Swift code for Bank Central Asia (all city) CENAIDJA

  17. akrom Says:

    terima kasih bos…untuk info code BCA nya

  18. risky Says:

    mohon alamat kengkap bca kanwil 1 bandung.

    terima kasih

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