Lot of people keep asking this procedure on my email again and again!!ÂI decide to write it in here plus images tutorial. Please follow this step when you buy some VCC or Bank Account from my store.

First login to your paypal account or created one if you don’t have one. Then click on Profile to add your credit card or bank account. From there you can find menu to add/edit credit cards or bank account.


VCC (Virtual Credit card)


When you buy VCC from me you will get card number, expiration date and CVN/CVV2 (card verification number). Any other information are using your REAL PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION. Once you complete to add your credit card information you will need expuse number(4 digit), contact me then I will send it to you.. This is usually will takes time around 5 minutes – 4 hours.

Virtual Bank Account

Once you pay your order from me I will started created bank account this will take 2-3 days to complete. Once you receive it add to your paypal account.


Once this step complete paypal will send micro deposit to virtual bank account with code on it, Then I will send this code to you. This process will take around 3-4 working days total time is around one week.

Real Bank Account

Progress to add this real bank account same with add virtual bank account procedure the different in here is you don’t need to communicate with me again once you received your real bank account all is under your control plus you got all real banking service!

Just remember when you’re gonna apply this you will need some document, this included: pasport, drive license, and some utility bill. Bank name is “Compass Bank“.


Istanto Adi N 🙂

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