No joke for today, many webmaster are looking the way how to monetize their traffic into maximum revenue. Many of them false or give up even “battle not begin yet” In this short article I will tell you based on my real experience *NOT* in clearly details but only in big major how to do this.

We all know advertising business based on 2 core factor, Advertiser and Publisher. If one of this factor not working the advertising business = DEAD. Basically advertiser looking the way to promote/sale their product, in other side publisher looking the way to monetize their traffic.

So basically advertising business is win-win solution, on publisher side sometimes webmaster didn’t know how to analize their traffic for maximum potential revenue. This is why keyword collection and analize is needed to targetting people interest.

Google adsense? NO this one is not the best if you know them in details, it just small stupid robot that analyze your webpage keyword without looking on real content on there. I try to recommended people looking on chitika network, chitika ads will not showing if the visitor not coming from search engine. BADLY if your visitors coming from bookmark/direct visit they will not ever seen this ads again, your revenue will going DOWN.

So, read this words carefully I will not ever explain it again for second times. Collect and analyze your visitor keywords, looking for some good advertising network out there, take their ads you needed only based on your keyword analyzed, created script that will showing to people based on keyword or their interest.

Take a look on this simple chart I made:


With this technique your CTR will raise UP, but wait….. some advertising network out there don’t like when you have HIGH CTR. you know….. something like….. f*ckin google adsense will banned you if your CTR more than 20% all of this about money and share, Jerk…. leave them and looking for better advertising network. Actually this way will also help advertiser reaching their target, with ads targeted based on keyword product similar with keyword will take more interest for visitor probability to buy product from that ads is 70% positive.

That’s the simple explanation how wo maximize your potential traffic revenue. If you have question, suggestion, or anything you can email me I will responce back when I can.

Have a good day everyone, good luck 🙂

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