AlertPay is second popular payment processors after PaypPal. I seen many merchant already used Alertpay as PayPal alternative more than LibertyReserve or other payment processor. I also planning to used them as my second payment processor after their release AlertPay prepaid card. Since 29 November 2010 AlertPay change their verification method to be more harder to follow. In the past we can get verified very easy just using our cellphone number. This method actually not secured but most people love it since it’s really easy to follow.

Actually If you have bank account and AlertPay Allowed you to do bank transfer, you don’t need VCC (virtual credit card). Also if you have real credit cards, you don’t need VCC (virtual credit card). You will need VCC (virtual credit card) only if you’re living outside North America and don’t have real credit cards or your bank is not supported. Why using VCC (virtual credit card)? It will safe your money on verified your AlertPay account. Another reason to use VCC (virtual credit card) is it’s faster than using cheque method.


It is safe? I believe this is safe, I used it for my AlertPay account, but I can’t give guarantee if you meet problem because of your own false. You can buy AlertPay VCC (virtual credit card) in my VCC Store the price is very cheap if you compared with cellphone and cheque method.

Let’s compared it:

If you are using method C, cellphone and cheque withdrawal verification. You may easy to pass the cellphone verification I believe everyone have cellphone but you will need more than $20 to follow cheque withdrawal. This $20 will cut around $5 when you cashing cheque on bank, and remember not all bank will process cheque under $100. If you’re using VCC price is fixed just $8,1 (maybe less maybe more depend on libertyreserve rate). How long cheque will come into your home? Maybe around 1 weeks into 1 month or maybe more, If you’re using VCC it will be done in maximum 24 hours.

Why needed Alertpay account with verified status? Mostly merchant will not allow your payment if you’re not using verified AlertPay account. Why you wasted your time to get this verified AlertPay account if you can get it faster. Decide your step, I’m ready to serve your order at VCC Store. Remember after you got your VCC (virtual credit card) just add it under your real name and please use it as soon as possible.

Thanks, Have a nice day 🙂


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