After a weeks analyze newest search term keywords coming to my blog I found there is a lot of request for articles about how to removing virus Searchqu (around 5%). In this short articles I will write how to remove SearchQU virus and bring back your computers to normal condition.

Searchqu is a highly dangerous trojan which lures users to unknowingly perform corrupt actions on a targeted computer. Searchqu poses as an antispyware application that displays deceptive warnings and misleading scan results. It then asks for users to purchase it. Searchqu record the contents of all the instant messages you send or receive—along with the usernames and addresses of your IM partners. Searchqu record the entire contents of each chat room you visit—and log the usernames and addresses of other channel members. Searchqu pretends to be a legitimate software, but infact it’s a virus many computer users got currently, and antivirus won’t help, you need to remove Searchqu manually.

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