This is really strange case on one of my cycber cafe computer. I used ESET/NOD32 antivirus to check all computers in my networks but the result is clean. One I notice is explorer.exe and svchost.exe use to much CPU usage and Memory. I sense there is something strange because usually this computer can run faster.

After checked it with this small tools memory checker finally I found the problem, my computers infected with Conficker.B Variant, It’s really funny when commercial antivirus say my computer clean.. LOL..

The Conficker.B variant a little strange, I still can open Microsoft website. The important key to sense if your computers infected is if your computer run slow than usual. Check with that small memory tools and you may find something 😀


How to to remove Conficker.A and Conficker.B Variant

I’m to lazy for writing manual step, because conficker has to many variant I won’t you blame me if some conficker variant manual removal won’t work for yourself. Just download this conficker removal tools and before run it make sure you’re disconnected from any local network or Internet. There is fourth (4) step you have to follow using this tools.

After you kicked out this conficker you should update your computers security!!! It’s to prevent this worm back and anoying you once again. This really happen to me when I’m to lazy for update my windows the virus back again in just 1 hours haha..

Have a nice day everyone 🙂


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