You might have some strange program in your computers based on their operating system and service pack. Example: total vista security, total xp security, vista antimalware 2010, vista defender pro, vista security tool 2010, vista smart security 2010, xp anti mallware 2010, xp defender pro, xp security tool 2010, and xp smart security 2010. If you have one of any program from this list in your computers, that means your computer has been infected by this malware.

I just got infected today, my computers using windows xp and service pack 3 the result is I got fake xp smart security 2010. First time I was thinking if this is new program from Microsoft because I just updated my Microsoft security essential then this program appears. Because this program annoying me I try to search on google and found out this is an malware. I do scanned my computers using Microsoft security essential but it didn’t found anything (this antivirus is NOT recommended) I didn’t believe when this fake antispyware say my FireFox and IE has been infected, it’s stupid 🙂 I just installed it yesterday. If you got message infected by this fake antispyware please IGNORE THEM or you might have problem with your operating system.

Ave.exe is the main component of each program from fake antispyware group. Basically ave.exe didn’t run without help from any files, there is Trojan when it active it will downloaded ave.exe and save it into your %AppData, this Trojan also will configure ave.exe to start annoying you.

When Ave.exe is active it will totally showing you FAKE infection, it’s also forced anyone infected to buy a license to remove this fake infection, if you following this stupid ave.exe you will lost your time, your money, and your operating system, Just ignore all warning from Ave.exe and prepared to remove this f*cking malware.

How To: Remove Ave.exe


1. Unplug your computer from network, disconnected from Internet.

1. Start your computer in safe mode.

2. Kill ave.exe process from your computer background (use task manager or an program that will allow you).

3. Merge this code to repair your registry (choose only one or using booth is OK):

FIX.REG (Right click choose merge / double click)

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@=”\”%1\” %*”

“Content Type”=”application/x-msdownload”

FIX.INF (Right click choose Install)



HKCU, Software\Classes\.exe
HKCU, Software\Classes\secfile
HKCR, secfile
HKCR, .exe\shell\open\command

HKCR, exefile\shell\open\command,,,”””%1″” %*”
HKCR, .exe,,,”exefile”
HKCR, .exe,”Content Type”,,”application/x-msdownload”

Then reboot your system.

4. Download MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Install this program on your computers and then UPDATED it first before you start scanned all your system.

5. Scan all your system, Removed all Trojan/virus/malware detected.

6. Updated your best antivirus program, scan all your system, Removed all Trojan/virus/malware detected .

7. After all scan result says no infection, connect back to the Internet then watching your network activity, if there is no activity when computer idle then you’re totally safe from this Trojan (please turn off all background which using Internet activity to make sure nothing used your connection).

Good luck 😀

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