Hi everyone I’m back again :) this time we will learn how to make triple boot with 3 operating system on 1 (one) notebook/personal computers. In this short tutorials I will show you the way how to install windows XP, ubuntu, and windows 7 without need to much modification and of course with low error risk. I guarantee everyone can follow this simple steps without problem as long you read every step carefully. This installation should starts from windows XP then ubuntu and then windows 7. If you not follow this step I’m not guarantee if you meet problem in your boot loader so please read carefully before you do something that will make your day become bad.


This day I still need windows XP for completing my daily job, beside that I also want to try windows 7, in other side I always open minded to trust every operating source is good, that’s why I choose ubuntu as my unix family. Why Windows XP still needed this day? because some application wouldn’t run smoothly on windows 7 even with xp compability. I believe other people also has their own reason.


  1. Notebook/Netbook/Personal Computer.
  2. Minimum RAM (random access memory) 1 GB, Recommended RAM 4GB.
  3. VGA card with minimum 128 MB, Recommended 512 MB .
  4. Minimum 1.6 GHz processor.
  5. DVD/CD ROM, Flash-disk (used as install media, Flash-disk only used for BIOS supported Flash-disk boot).


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