I have a real story here, one day a friends asking me how could he can monetize he’s twitter account. He has lot of follower but don’t know how to converting it into something valued for himself. I told him to not always convert anything into money because some people don’t mind but some people really hate it… but he’s looks like love money than his follower.

So it began, I started to searching on google and found out there is way to monetize lot of this twitter follower. I found there is some website to monetize your twitter account it was sponsoredtweets.com, yakburst.com, twittad.com, twtmob.com, and magpie.com. Basically this is almost same with advertising in normal, but it could using your words spreads to raise an advertiser sales. Depend on each network it has their own rules so you have to read and choose which one fit for yourself.

The key to earn money in here is lot of followers. I personally don’t know people strategy to get a lot of followers. Some says just make a friends? some says just buy it! OMG, buy twitter followers? I do search in google again and found out there is some website out there sell twitter followers *LOL* look at this and this. You can easily get a lot follower by spending some $$$ to gain more $$$$ *LOL* again.

Alright… now you already know how to monetize your twitter account and how you can get twitter followers *LOL* Should I tell you everything? Nah, you have to learn it yourself! so this article will stop in HERE! ๐Ÿ˜›

Some payment proof:

Yakburst 1 month with 10.000 followers

Why it so damn little? eh..? 10.000 = $38 if you double your follower 20.000 it could be $38×2=$76 if you have a 1.000.000 it could be $38×100=$3.800 yay I got it! have a nice day everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

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