Well, It’s not 30 day’s yet since I use HostMonster service, but I really love to write my review about them to let people know HostMonster are good web-hosting company. Let me compare HostMonster with other web-hosting service I already used.

  • HostMonster VS DreamHost

HostMonster are little better than DreamHost, In HostMonster everything can be managed very easily using cPanel. DreamHost not using cPanel and little hard for some newbie. Beside that, in factor price HostMonster are cheaper than DreamHost with unlimmited space and bandwith HostMonster win in here compared to DreamHost, Plus in HostMonster you have ability to change PHP configuration so every website type should be workin on HostMonster web-hosting.

Score! HostMonster VS DreamHost 9:7

  • ÂHostMonster VS CrayonHost

Well, It’s realy not fair when I compared HostMonster with CrayonHost. But, since I already used them so I will write everything I know in here without lie to all of you! Totally in every aspect HostMonster would not compared with CrayonHost.

Score! HostMonster VS CrayonHost 9:5

I really would like to write review HostMonster vs HostGator, Since I never used HostGator service so I can’t compared both of them he he he… poor me 😀 I don’t know about HostGator CS and web-hosting service they offer. Just for information I got some friend screaming to my ear HostGator have better UPTIME compared with HostMonster.

So, for you people wanna try HostMonster but afraid they are not good I recommended you to use them, you will satisfied I’ll give my word guarantee 😛


If you’re order now this “hot chick 😛 will give you superb discount! $5.95 per month for 24-36 month contract.

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