Hi Everyone finally we’ll meet again.. I have free little time to write article on my blog 😀 , I’m little scared to publish this article to public…. NOPE I mean If this information accurate then google will change this pagerank algorithm in the future.

Take a look on this table sheet:


As you can read the table it very simple. Example: you want your new website jumping into pagerank 2 or 8 in next pagerank update you can try get 1 one way link from site with PR 10. I’m not really sure this data 100% accurate! that’s why I said i’m little scared to publish this information.

Why pagerank so important? for me personally I really DON’T CARE with pagerank. But for some people out there… they’re hunting pagerank to make money $_$ (moneyrulestheworldworldkillmanwomancontroltheworld) This way make google crazy on keep changing this alogarithm to stop people make money from sell or buy links. sigh… then why google leave this pagerank information keep update. Don’t know but I think this money area for everyone *lol*

I got this table from someone(top secret) hehe.. you can try this alogarithm when it’s works don’t forget to send me some paypal funds 😛 *LOL*

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