Payoneer Master CardDo you want free debit card to verify your paypal account and in same time can be used for payment from some affiliate program, withdrawn it on any ATM with mastercard logo around the world?!?! Well… for some people this article might not useful, anyway for some freebie collector out there after read this article you might can show me your smile..  he..he.. you don’t have to buy Virtual Credit Card from me although I’m not guarantee they will approve you :P *gasppp I’m gonna corrupt*

Alright, to learn more about payoner debit card in faq, fees, legality, etc. You can read it from their website on everything on there.

Now read and learn this step how you can get this  payoner debit card  for FREE  by joining a***tfriendfinder affiliate program. WTF affiliate P*rn?! it’s all your choice dude! you can continue using their affiliate program or you just can take their FREE debit card for yours :P take only positive side for yourself *lol*

  1. Register Here
  2. Fill form with your detailed information.
  3. Once you registered and verified go login.
  4. Take a look on affiliate they offer you might interesting to promote it to earn some revenue.
  5. Click Account Information look on the top page word with “Click here to update your information. ” click it.
  6. Scroll down until you see word with “Payoneer: Signup to be paid by Prepaid MasterCard®. You will be directed to a FriendFinder page hosted by Payoneer, where you can sign up for a card“.
  7. Follow that link and order your payoner debit card.
  8. Once completed you have to wait 24 hour for approval, they will tell you on email.
  9. If it approve you have to wait around 7-20 days until that debit card arrived to your home.

You can use this debit card to verify your paypal account, beside that there is some affiliate program that will pay through this payoner debit cards, some of them can be found on payoner website.

Enjoy Everyone :D

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