Confused on how to open position daily, buy or sell? Let me tell you my another strategy to win forex daily. This strategy has been tested (real) by myself and the result is as you know, it’s profitable :)


I named this strategy is “wait and see” in short time frame chart you mostly can not predicted price movement it’s sometimes goes slowly but in short time it can be wild by jumping or down 50-100 point. You loss? Learn and don’t loss again!

First before you start, look on daily forex recommendation read the prediction, mostly this prediction accurate but not 100% guaranteed. Now look the market time, and lastly read the news from trusted source. After you understand this step take a look on daily chart, I recommended to use Candlesticks to help you easy reading the chart.

The point in here is you should know and understand character of pair, ex: GBP/USD 200-500 point daily, EUR/USD 150-300 point daily, etc. Now wait and see, in this sample I use candlesticks (black down white up)


In next 4-12 hours you will see the price movement in daily chart, if it goes up in top candlesticks position and market not open yet don’t open any position. BUT, if it goes up in top position and market open just waiting a moment when price not in top position then open position following the Candlesticks trend! (do same in down trend also) the safest next point target is 10-50 points, you can get more point if you have good prediction but I’m not recommended if you’re not really sure where the price will heading.

The key to win in forex mostly is margin management, if you have a lot of money you might will always win in forex. not mean little money would not win, again the key is margin management use 1-2% from your total margin to open position, the different is lot money should win lot, and little money will only win little. Again, play with safe margin calculate everything first.

Good luck :)

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