Simple, but not much people know about this strategy. In Indonesian version people called this “teknik jepit” cause it actually locking your profit point even market moving. This strategy good for people need to targeting their profit daily. But, I recommended to don’t much hope on targeting your profit point.

To do this strategy you have to learning about good time open position and accurate calculating, EX: In simulation, You profit 100 point then you want this profit keep safe, you have to locking it with same margin quantity and different position to holding it keep balance and waiting market out from your locking area, then you can close it one by one or in same time.

Look on this chart:


I give red square block on each locking position, once you profit and lock this position you have to patience waiting the market out from your zone, if you close it in middle you might not get maximum profit but 4/3 profit point from total used margin. That’s why this strategy only GOOD for little movement, don’t use it on high movement.

To learn more about best time to open and close position I will write it in next article, you need to use 3 indicator in this point. Parabolic SAR, Fibonacci retracement and Bollinger bands.

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