How many of us hearing and know about pay-ads? pay-ads is CPM networks will pay around $3.50 for 1000 impressions. Beside that high rate CPM there is something bad behind it…. tested and verified by some friends, pay-ads will cheating you.. first they not record all impressions, secondly they redirect your visitor into bad website, some friend also has clarify pay-ads spreading an virus.

The bad bad bad thing will happen is your website will got banned from google search engine thinking about it how much visitor you will loose if you keep use pay-ads. I’m not joke I was used them for around 2 month in my forums and when I checked google has banned my url from direct access and give warning to our visitor with words like this:

This site may harm your computer.

Now we all know, google hate pay-ads and if you want to keep your visitor grown stop using pay-ads, still there another CPM network clean and available out there.

Note: For every website owner better remove pay-ads now and waiting until google remove the ban.

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