Well, This is my short review again. This time I will review DMEHosting, First month it was run smoothly untilĂ‚  I decide to moving all my sites into DMEHosting, the problem coming next month after I pay my billing for 3 months (usually I billed per month to make sure they give me the best service as they promise in their promotion). DMEHosting started complaint to me ,they say I used to much CPU resource on their budget VPS (this package sucks) and I decide to change apache into lighttpd. Neither the problem was not done yet they keep contact me and said I used to much resource I contact them back and asking to them are this VPS not isolated to affected their other client.

Their answer is really make me recommended to all of you to don’t ever try to use DMEHosting service. How can this VPS not isolated to other? this mean it’s not VPS but only shared. I complain back and they sorry for can’t isolated my account to affect the other. This is maybe the stupid company ever I faced, how they can claim it was VPS if it not isolated, True?

I know this might only their billing strategy to make me upgrade my package, and right they offer me cheap dedicated server but I’m really not interesting. Why? All of my sites only a small sites and not grown really bigger so I’m not really need this dedicated server, hostmonster can handle all my sitesĂ‚  and sure I recommended to all of you to used hostmonster. I decide to leave DMEHosting and let people know my experience with them.

This problem make me lost traffic. This all you must know don’t ever have downtime for your website/blog or you will lose traffic and maybe index. This happen to me but I hope it will fixed soon because my sites are back and running again if not I will contact google. Take a look on this traffic data from one fo my site’s…


You can see in this data I lost around 60-70% traffic affected by this downtime from DMEHosting (around 12 hours) This issue should be and option for you before you choose an hosting company go for hostmonster/hostgator I guarantee you will sattisfied with their hosting service, other? try at your own risk!

Have a good day everyone 🙂

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