img_0089.JPGMy Story today, This old laptop battery has drop and cannot be recharged ha ha ha poor me 😀 I send it back to kotakom store and asking them to refill the battery. After waiting for 2 week kotakom contact me and asking if I want totally battery change I will get charge $10 or Rp 90,000 ($1=Rp 9,000) OK I approve that and waiting to see how kotakom work.

Laptop sending back to my home and kotakom asking me to get it on their local store in my city. I come to there and surprise they only charge me Rp 90,000 I asking again to verify if they not make an mistake on billing. They sure I only get charge for Rp 90,000. Crazy? Yes, my friend got charge around $40 to refill her laptop battery but why I only pay $10? ha ha ha I was thinking if kotakom cheating me and not change the battery component so I come home and tested battery performance.

I open the battery and see there is 2 week warranty label on it. I contact kotakom again and they say this is standard warranty 2 weeks for battery refill.

Finally this is time to make sure kotakom cheating me or not. I turn on laptop open winamp play some mp3 song and let laptop alone.. Amazing this old laptop can run for 2 hours 15 minutes! Amazing, what those guy change on my battery ha ha ha when first time I used battery this laptop only can run for maximum 45 minutes and now it’s back again to normal! If you have old laptop better you refill the battery only than buy a new laptop it’s to priceless 😀

You want buy cheap laptop? I prefer you buy it from Murahkom if you love to buy laptop with cheap price. They give total service but.. the bad thing I hate from them is they working to slow like my case waiting 2 weeks for refill battery. Anyway it was not a big problem for waiting 2 weeks because I satisfied they can bring my old laptop back like new!


Aye! Finally my old laptop back like new! LOL …

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