Well, I’m still new on this business type but I have success on sold one of my website 😀 Sale website or domain name might be good in return for yourself. Example: you buy money.com for only $9.95 then you sale it again after 2-5 years for $9.000.000 WOW it’s really profitable.

It’s very possible when you buy good domain name then you can sold it again for higher price. Peoples loves to buy good domain name for example: 3 digit domain, 5 digit domain, right keyword domain. How to win this opportunity? I hear news a week ago from friends new domain type .asia started and people start to hunted popular domain name because it still new and they can make BIG profit from it. I’m not sure if domain sex.asia already sold.. he he he.. it might can be sold over million dollars if you get that domain first 😀

How about sale website? I think it’s based on your website popularity, more popular you can sell it more higher. Anyway before you put the price to higher or to low you can start to check your website value first on www.yourwebsitevalue.com your price not should totally same it just like “range price” you can use to give price for your website.

Where to sell website or domain name? It’s classic question.. do your own search I just can give you three recommended website for sell your website or domain name:

1. sedo.com
2. websitebroker.com
3. dealasite.com

Anyway if you’re like to investing on this business type I prefer you should prepare the money first he he he.. good luck, I hope you success.


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