This is might the AMAZING tools I have ever seen, WP-MIXER is worpress plugins used to mixing all available resource such as article directory, images, youtube video, yahoo answer and more coming soon.

Wp-mixer will combined all of this resource to become one post on your blog, This is the best autoblogging tools and efective for people looking for targetting keyword into their blog. Installation and configuration very simple just upload this plugin, activated it, setting it, and click GO! your money machine works for you. Combined with all wordpress SEO plugins can make your blog become the next super blog!

This plugin categorized as blackhat SEO because it’s actually grab content, anyway it mixing all available source so make your posts looks like natural post. This important element make your blog also can get pagerank very easy. Articles, images illustration, Video, and question for discussion.


  • WordPress 2.5+
  • PHP 5
  • CURL

The effect on shared hosting? Not all hosting will allowed this plugins, you know some hosting company are suck but not all, others are really give great service said hostmonster, hostgator, dreamhost, bluehost and other you can prove it as good hosting company. I try this plugins on dreamhost shared hosting and it has no issue at all, the new wp-mixer version has fixed the bug if this plugins not work in other hosting.

I never reading people reporting the effect after using wp-mixer with google adsense, personally I think it to much risky because you all know google adsense have strict rules to their publisher. You might get problem on duplicate content if you’re using wp-mixer with adsense. But there one share how he earn good money using this plugins, in 2 weeks he can earn his money back used to purchase wp-mixer and then he continues profitable.


I recommended to you this plugins to used when you need autoblogging tools, I’m using it also but in other hosting and other domain (just for experiment) You might interesting with this tool? go Click here to visit WPMixer website!.

Have fun earn money! 🙂

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