I know, not every visitors in this blogs would to buy my virtual credit cards or using bank account service. If you are my readers I have another solution for you to get your paypal account verified without need to spend SINGLE CENTS. Keep reading on this article….

In the older article I already writing about free Payoner cards to verified your paypal account, I believe many of us already have this cards but there is no money on this card, Correct? When there is no money on this card actually we can’t using this card to verified our paypal account. I know, a lot of people emailed me and asking how to this,that,bla-bla-bla, etc.

Yesterday I found another solution for this problem, When you have this free cards you just need to add funds at least $10 into this card to verified your paypal account (that’s the reason why I’m selling VCC with price around $10) How? you can add funds to this card using western union. To bad, I believe many of readers will comments they want to add funds without pay anything 😛 *LOL*

Alright, here is the freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee way (sorry, only for publisher) 😀

  1. Register on infolinks (if you don’t mind please write “refer by istanto.net” in registration comments box to promote me *lol*)
  2. After get approved click on “my account
  3. Edit your payment information, you can see link on there to get your payoneer card.
  4. Once you get this card you can waiting for payout from infolinks into this card. (infolink payout now lower $50)
  5. Once this card active and have balance at least $10 you can use this card to verify your paypal account.

That’s it, worth to try, Have a nice day… 😀

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