If you’re adsense publisher you might already know about new issues on adsense login. It’s make me frustrated.. why? I have 2 google account first is***[email protected] I used it as primary email based and another one istanto***********[email protected] I used it only for adsense.

Since new changes happen (around 2-3 day’s ago) I’m started confused about it. Every time I login into my gmail account then I want to check my adsense account I always get error messages “This account blablabla” I know it might the best google can do to help we manage everything fast and easy using only one google account but it’s make me really frustrated he he he.. I have to rewrite login and password again and again ARghhhhh!!

I was searching on google and not found any article, link, review, or words can help me to solve this problem. I hope google can changes my adsense login account so I don’t need to rewrite login and password again and again!

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