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If you are using wordpress or other cms and have a lot of data in you sql, your site usually will unavailable with common message database error. What actually error on your database? Nothing, this is all about query limitation on your hosting. Your blog will grown in time, say in the last months you got 10,000 readers and in the next month you got 1,000,000 readers. When people access your site it’s continuously reading data again from your database, when it to much some hosting will stop it to executed. This is not good for SEO because your potential readers will gone (robots also can’t indexing full your site). Usually bad hosting will ask you to upgrade into vps or dedicated server. Everyone know it, there is no free lunch, you will have to pay more and more, if you got good revenue maybe it’s fine but how if not?

In this short articles I will give some tips and trick to fix common wordpress database problem. When you’re planning to get a lot of visitors to your site you better looking for a ways to optimize your sql query. There is one options for this, using DB cache so when people coming to your site request the articles server don’t need to re-query database again. You just need to sacrifice some memory and space which may be better in result if you’re not planning to go for vps or dedicated at the moment.


How to do this? Search on google is good idea, I found many articles for database caching last night, this is the best one. For wordpress users there is a simple solution. Just get and install DB-CACHE-RELOADED plugin, setting it as you need, example you want cache stays for 24 hours or maybe just 10 minutes.

In this sample I set 180 minutes (3 hours). Cache will stay for 3 hours and then when it expired all cache files will deleted from cache folder and generated new cache. The result after using this plugin is better than not using it. When I tested it I have never seen wordpress database error again (of course because when someone read articles again server doesn’t need to re-read again from the sql). If you like this plugin you can spare some money for Ivan for his great works 😀

The effect?? I’m not sure but in the past when I’m using similar plugin like this I have error on feed, when this happen disable the plugin clear all the cache files and reactivate plugin again. But if not then you don’t need to do anything just keep monitors your site availability and traffic. Before I close this articles I want to tell you, you can also combine this plugin with auto cron job to repair and optimize your mysql, just search on my blog you will find the articles. This combination will giving a better result.

That’s share for today, I need back to work on project he he, Have a great day everyone 🙂

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Attempting to trade currencies can become very complicated. There is definitely a lot of lingo you must be privy to, and that’s not even touching on the other knowledge you need in order to succeed. Find out about what it takes to achieve financial success in the Foreign Exchange Market with these tips.

Learn the technical language used in the currency trading world. When reading informative forex news articles, there may be terms used that you do not understand. By keeping a glossary of commonly used forex terms at hand you will be able to quickly find out what the terms mean and the greater your understanding of the news articles will be.

There are many automated Forex trading systems on the market. You will get a lot of results from any search engine. Automated systems are making their mark and are highly popular. This type of technology enables you to turn profits and approach a more diversified trading method.

You can always stand out of a trade, you have that personal right. If you are doubtful about your position of a trade, it is best to stay out of it. If you do not have enough information to make an informed decision, it’s better to sit out of the trade than to make risky uninformed decisions.

Forex is very unique in that it is one of the few international exchanges in existence. It is open twenty four hours a day and you are competing against people from all over the world, many which may have higher intelligence and experience than you at the game. Make sure you are completely comfortable with how things work before you “step into the ring” as it can be a financial downfall for you if you aren’t prepared.

Successful currency traders enjoy trading. If you spend most of your days with sweaty palms and indigestion from staring at your trading platform, then something needs to change. If you are stressed out with trading instead of calm, you are more likely to make poor choices. Relax and enjoy the process!

The best forex trading methods are also the simplest. A more complicated trading method is not more likely to be successful than a simple one. All a complicated trading method will do is confuse you, leading you to mistrust your plan, overextend your account, and eventually suffer major losses of capital.

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Quick Tips For Trading On The Foreign Exchange Market

Investing using the currency trader forex can be quite dangerous for an inexperienced investor. Fortunately, there are brokers and other tools out there to protect you from experiencing losses. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. This article also can function as help, as it will offer some advice about investing using forex.


When you first start trading forex consider opening a “cent” account or something similar so you can trade in very small amounts. This allows you to practice trading on the real market without risking much per trade. You can try different strategies and learn how trading works in the real market.

Don’t get into Forex trading unless you have a good amount of capital to trade. Market action should be the driver behind your trading decisions. When financial circumstances cause you to alter your trades, you may have trouble staying in the market when it temporarily goes against your positions.

When trading in the foreign exchange markets, follow the trends in order to make the best profits. Don’t buy into something hoping it will turn around. Don’t sell on a rising currency, and don’t buy into one that is falling. Trends are more likely to continue than they are to end.

Be patient while trading and show discipline. Trading forex should not be overly exciting. You should make calm, rational decisions. If you aren’t, then you are in the wrong game. You won’t make money, except by luck, if you are thrill seeking. Patient disciplined trading is the best way to survive for the long term.



Do not let the hype around Forex fool you into thinking you need to spend money on wonder methods and that you will be able to make money quickly. Forex is about studying the market and working hard to become a good trader. You can get most of the resources you need for free on the internet.

To protect yourself from fraud, thoroughly research any Forex trader. Forex scams are plentiful, and taking the time to check people out can protect your money. If you’re pressed for time, you can do a quick search of the trader and see what kind of commentary you find. If you see negative commentary or if the trader is not being discussed, you should avoid them.

High rewards for minimal risk is what every forex trader is looking for. Be wary of fraud companies and scam artists that prey on this desire, though. There are limits to the possibilities in forex, and no trader can generate profits without taking risks. Once a new trader gets a feel for the market he or she will have a better nose for the too-good-to-be-true scams.

Use leverage with caution. Using leverage can lead to large gains if properly applied, however, without careful study and tracking of trends you can leverage yourself into a hole. If you are a less experienced trader do not leverage greater that 10:1. This will allow you to gain without risking large quantities of your capital should the market turn.

Forex offers a good opportunity for an investor to try his chance at trading currencies. It is rife with the possibility for failure, but with the right advice failure is far less likely. This article had the a goal to equip you with the ammunition to turn profits using forex.

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