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AlertPay is second popular payment processors after PaypPal. I seen many merchant already used Alertpay as PayPal alternative more than LibertyReserve or other payment processor. I also planning to used themΓ‚  as my second payment processor after their release AlertPay prepaid card. Since 29 November 2010 AlertPay change their verification method to be more harder to follow. In the past we can get verified very easy just using our cellphone number. This method actually not secured but most people love it since it’s really easy to follow.

Actually If you have bank account and AlertPay Allowed you to do bank transfer, you don’t need VCC (virtual credit card). Also if you have real credit cards, you don’t need VCC (virtual credit card). You will need VCC (virtual credit card) only if you’re living outside North America and don’t have real credit cards or your bank is not supported.Γ‚  Why using VCC (virtual credit card)? It will safe your money on verified your AlertPay account. Another reason to use VCC (virtual credit card) is it’s faster than using cheque method.


It is safe? I believe this is safe, I used it for my AlertPay account, but I can’t give guarantee if you meet problem because of your own false. You can buy AlertPay VCC (virtual credit card) in my VCC Store the price is very cheap if you compared with cellphone and cheque method.

Let’s compared it:

If you are using method C, cellphone and cheque withdrawal verification. You may easy to pass the cellphone verification I believe everyone have cellphone but you will need more than $20 to follow cheque withdrawal. This $20 will cut around $5 when you cashing cheque on bank, and remember not all bank will process cheque under $100. If you’re using VCC price is fixed just $8,1 (maybe less maybe more depend on libertyreserve rate). How long cheque will come into your home? Maybe around 1 weeks into 1 month or maybe more, If you’re using VCC it will be done in maximum 24 hours.

Why needed Alertpay account with verified status? Mostly merchant will not allow your payment if you’re not using verified AlertPay account. Why you wasted your time to get this verified AlertPay account if you can get it faster. Decide your step, I’m ready to serve your order at VCC Store. Remember after you got your VCC (virtual credit card) just add it under your real name and please use it as soon as possible.

Thanks, Have a nice day πŸ™‚

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Merry Christmas everyone!! πŸ™‚ enjoy this season and wish you all earn more money… hohoho… Alright lets write something interesting today, This is truly really brilliant step by perfectmoney… I have never seen any payment processor out there trying to help all of their members to grown but not in here… perfectmoney will help you to grown. πŸ™‚

If you’re asking did I promoting perfectmoney? NO I DIDN’T PROMOTE THEM. I just interesting to write about them because of my real interest and I believe this is an great offer they provide for each person to person. In the past I already writing about Make money by lend other people loan. At this step we all already know how we can earn in profitable way, but It’s limited to UK members only.

Perfectmoney might reading some potential business on there and created an simple platform to lend and get loan with easy and secured. All perfectmoney members can lend other money and get a loan to start their business. Just Register on perfectmoney site, get verified, get reputation, and start to lending on get loan!


Is that so simple? yes it is! once you registered as perfectmoney members you have ability to lending or get a loan in simple way. What’s the catch? Nothing at all, be optimist in your life. Take a look on this simple step how to give lend or take a loan.

  1. Login into your perfectmoney account.
  2. Look on credit exchange program go to this page.
  3. You will see menu give a loan and take a loan.
  4. If you’re want to give a loan click on Give a loan you will see request of borrower on there. You also can created a new loan offer to meet your needs.
  5. If you’re need to borrow money click on Take a loan you will see some request to lend on there. You also can created a new loan offer to meet your needs.

As a loan lender how this way will make an profit for yourself? You will lend some people money to help them grown their business. In time you will earn your money back PLUS your interest rate. This interest rate is your profit. As a borrower how this way will make an profit for yourself? You will borrow some people money and used it to grown your own business. Be carefully because you have to give it back PLUS interest rate, So you have to decide which really profitable business before you take a loan.

This is better than private loan offers. Why? perfectmoney will stand in the back of this business. Of course it’s better than private loan since they may have not enough money to keep this business stay alive. This is more secure! of course… No one planning to loss their money including me πŸ˜› Perfectmoney have an verification system, they also has reputation system. This will help us as lender to choose which borrower really need some cash and they have possibilities to return it back. Don’t lend to people you don’t believe.

That’s it, Hope you all have a great day on this season. Have a nice day πŸ™‚

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Many lazy people always don’t care about money they have in the bank and mostly they can’t manage that money to grown daily. I read in many blogs and open forums, almost people pessimist about make money online from internet and write words about “just my 2 cents” I would reply *I’ll take that 2 cents! LOL*. Did those people know if cents can become dollars and growing more IF we manage it in the right way? Nobody become rich in just one seconds, everything has step. Baby learn to talk not in just one seconds, even billionaire in this world. Did they become rich in just seconds? think about it.

That’s a simple explanation why we have to respect and manage everything we have, included that 2 cents. In this short article how if I tell you the secret to make your cents to become thousand dollar or maybe million dollar? would you trust me or you might think I’m crazy?. If you still reading this short article then you’re crazy *joke* πŸ˜€ I wouldn’t only tell you the secret but I will teach you how to manage your money to grown daily in neobux.

First we need to know and understanding what is Neobux, how strategy to win in neobux, and risk you will faced behind it. Neobux is PTC site, mean paid to click site. For each ads we click on there we will earn $0.01 (cents, right it was cents!! not a hundred dollars or something) If we click 100 ads this cent can growing become a 1 (one) dollar. 100 ads clicks in a day? that’s sounds sooooooooooooo IMPOSSIBLE Istanto they limit everything… you’re looser! hey, don’t be rude people I’m not Finnish yet! just keep reading you might catch something interesting on this short article.

How if I tell you that can make more than 100 clicks in a day? REFERRALS! That’s the key to success from this crazy world. But how? I don’t have many friends, I live in middle of jungle, I don’t have neighbors… You can rent referrals on neobux! you also can get direct referrals in neobux which may help you to earn money without RISK! This could help you to reach your target more easier, it’s like hmm how to say… it’s like you have 1000 finger! *LOL* Said you have 500 referrals and they all clicked averages 4 ads daily. It’s mean you will credited with 500×4=2,000 clicks! ewww… you have more than 1000 finger now! no more cents for you, you’re just grown :p

Alright before we start what the risk behind it. Everything in this world have a risk! even if you breathing right now you might just risked yourself to smell some toxin! hehehe… sorry that was bad joke πŸ˜€ I mean everything SURE has risk. What the risk in neobux? only one I think the risk we may faced. HOW LONG THEY WILL STAY ON THIS WORLD. Because learn from past experience many of PTC site have short life. Why I still trust neobux will stay survive? Here is my personal reason.

  1. Neobux domain name expired in March 2020.
  2. They start it on March 2008 (it’s already 3+ years established)
  3. They use paypal, which I personally believe paypal has more insurance better than other payment processor.

If you’re not ready to lose then don’t pay anything to start, but for consequence you will earn money slowly and smaller, but you won’t lose anything! except your time. You have some funds to start? Good! but please understand I cannot guarantee this will works same on each person. I will tell you the strategy to earn MAXIMUM $160 daily in or it’s equivalent with $4,800 a month in neobux (sound like dreams come true, let’s start it).

Basically to win we have to calculate our expense and our average profit daily to calculate everything. Join on neobux is free, but if you want to double your earnings on there you have to upgrade your membership to become golden. If you need to reach the MAXIMUM earnings you have to upgraded again become ultimate and learn management strategy more carefully.

Strategy Step:

  • First Month, Signup on neobux as standard members and rent 100 referrals each week for next 30 days. On this step you will pay $75(rent)+$75(240 days renewals). learn how to manage your rented referrals, if you can’t manage them or loose money then stop at this step and don’t continue.
  • On the second month get as much as you can direct referrals to cover expenses might happen in the future. How to get direct referrals? Tell your friend, your neighbor, or promoting it in blog, social media network, youtube, etc, etc… On the third month upgrade to golden ($90 for 1 years) to double your profits and try to rent 1,700 referrals as quick as possible (each week you may rent 300 referrals). This will cost you $340(rent)+$340(240 days renewal.) So your total expense right now is $75+$75+$90+$340+$340 = $920 (make it $1,000).
  • On the fourth month stop pay everything, at this step you’ll need to wait until you earn your $1,000 back. How long? if all your referrals active you should get your expense back in less than 1 (one) month. In case because they are human I calculate it with the worst possibilities 30% activity. Take a look on my short calculate pictures, This is based on how active your rent referrals, in many case they don’t active at all but perhaps around 30% activity.
  • On the 12 (twelve) Month (or maybe early if you want), after all your expense back and you already enjoyed your profit from 2,000 rent referrals you can take this step. Upgrade to ultimate ($890) then renew your golden membership for a year ($90) then renew all your rent referrals. For all of this it will cost you around $2,000 (less actually) then like step 3 you just wait your expense back and earn your profit daily.
  • EXTRA: After your expense back and start to profit daily, at this step you may save 10%-30% from daily profit to your rent balance. Why doing this? because this will save your money on next regeneration cost.

Now I believe you will start to understand how to gain profit from neobux after you reading this short article carefully. In my personal conclusion I believe everyone can gain profit and earn extra money in neobux. I can’t write everything about neobux in this one single article so this article will continued on next week or maybe more depend on how busy I’am in real life. It will included all necessary tools, calculation, recycle strategy, and more better strategy to earn money on neobux.

Tools I can share right now is this neobux GreaseMonkey script. It will calculate your real profit including your rent fees etc etc (which you might found on neobux)

Chrome GreaseMonkey

Firefox GreaseMonkey


When you see this profit graphic it may look small, the key to earn more is have more referrals. When you have more referrals you may earn more profit. Try to upgrade to ultimate member to reach 4,000 referrals limit.

Referrals Pack

Standard : Rent 300 Direct 300
Golden : Rent 2,000 Direct 300
Ultimate : Rent 4,000 Direct 800

Please understand I cannot guarantee you will success, but if you still want to joined you can choose become my referrals or become rented referrals (which will sold by neobux) If you want become my referrals please join through my link.

If you mind you can signup on directly. That’s for today, another make money source. Have a nice day everyone and Happy Holidays! πŸ˜€

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