This is a short tips and trick for you to optimize your make money journey through inline text ad linkworth-linkwords. As I already written in the past there is 3 the best of inline text advertising. It wasÂlinkworth, infolinks, and kontera (sorted by higher revenue).

We already know linkworth pay higher than other networks but sometimes we don’t know what keywords will turned into inline text ads correct? Today I was login into my linkworth account and found something interesting on there 😀

If you want to optimize your revenue through linkworth-linkwords you have to write some keywords they listed on their linkworth-keywords list. That’s usually the keywords will converted into inline text ads. I believe now you understand what I mean with this article title optimize. When you have more ad impression mean you will get more possibilities ad to get clicked when your visitors interest on it.

Where those dang keyword list?


Login into your linkworth account, next click on my products, next click on linkwords, next click on keywords. An paid keyword list will be listed on there!

The keyword is listed alphabetically so you can easily found what keywords will match your site content. Example: your site topic is about money, you will have more keywords about money, make money, earn money, get money, free money, money money, bad money, good money, etc, etc. This keyword will turned into inline text ads and your visitors might interesting on it.

The last thing, Right now linkworth-linkwords offer more inline text ad style to fit your site design. I already looking at that new style but none interesting me *lol* but at least… now we have more style for inline text ad from linkworth-linkwords.

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Done for today, have a nice day everyone 😀

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