No, This is not the end business of virtual credit card and bank account seller. This is just a small change on paypal website that allowed Indonesian paypal account getting verified using local bank account. Absolutely because of this small changes it will kill all virtual credit card seller for Indonesian costumer.

I got this news from email my friend sent to me, he claimed he can get verified on paypal using bank account only (without credit cards or debit cards). This is a good news, I live in Indonesia and I fell happy if paypal allowed we used bank account to get verified because it’s to expensive in here if you need credit cards, plus there is some security issue with Indonesian bank. No need to use virtual credit card anymore 😀

Virtual credit cards business die? Nope! There lot country out there still need this service. My virtual virtual credit card and bank account store will not closed by this small changes. I just lost Indonesian costumer….. *LOL*

Here is the steps for Indonesian people who need to get their paypal account verified using local bank account only:

  1. Register for paypal account or login into your unverified account.
  2. Click on “Get Verified“.
  3. Click “Link My Bank Account
  4. Enter your Bank Name, Bank Code, and Account Number. Then click Continue.
  5. Wait for 1-3 days to see micro deposit from paypal.
  6. Once you have this micro deposit amount, login back into paypal again then write the amount.
  7. Congratulation your paypal account verified. 😀

Here is bank code:

When you need to withdrawn funds from your paypal account into your bank account you can read bank kliring code from my blog. The problem is I don’t know if paypal allowed we add fund paypal account using local bank account in here.

Haaahh… I’m gonna bankrupt *LOL*

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