perfectmoneyHi everyone sorry for not blogging for a months ago… I’m busy IRL, sometime lazy to write in this blog, sometime there is no new topic I can write hehehe… This time I will write how we can make money through perfect money affiliate programs.

First let me introduce to you what is perfect money, It’s look like similarly service with paypal “Internet payment system” of course there is a bit different perfect money give interest rate 7% yearly, but I’m little curious about their legitimate. It’s doesn’t mean they are scam, just because their system same with e-gold and another e-currency.

There is 2 way we can make money through perfect money affiliate programs, first is referrals and secondly is banner system.

  • Referrals

Just promote perfect money through this URL where account is your ID, You will get your ID after you signup at perfect money website, example: You will earn 1% from all your referrals activity, no minimum payout.

  • Banner Programs

This is might the best way webmaster looking for, by only put perfect money banner into your website or blog you will get $10 x your pagerank say your pagerank is 5 then you will get $10×5=$50 monthly! more website/blog you have more money you can earn through this programs. Example: You have 10 website/blog with pagerank 3 then you will earn each month $10x10x3=$300 each month! fantastic.. I love this programs 🙂

To joined all this affiliates programs first you have to signup at perfect money website, Then you can start using referrals programs automatically without apply it. For banner programs after you signup you have to login then click on “PM for Business” (in the footer) then you will see lot of affiliate programs on there, just apply anything you want.

Question: How perfect money will pay you? Of course they will pay using perfect money currency, then you can withdrawn or exchange this currency for real cash. There is a lot way to get this currency into cash, there is exchanger, there is prepaid debit card, or you might want to learn more on perfect money website.

I hope this article will help people learn how to make money, have a good day everyone 🙂

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