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Good day, after a few months I was looking for best script to make my online store. I found some useful and free script but of course their SEO are worst, The premium one has better looks but they not guarantee on SEO result. Lucky, I was found one plugins can integrated wordpress become online store in just minutes. Take a look on this beauty wp store…


Why I choose wordpress? as we all know wordpress are simple CMS in management but powerful after we added some SEO plugins and other plugins it will become great CMS, in other option almost all paid hosting allowed wordpress to used.

To build your online store using WP e-Commerce plugins follow this step :

  • Install your wordpress.
  • Download WP e-Commerce plugins.
  • Extract it and upload it into yours plugins directory.
  • Activate WP e-commerce plugins.
  • Customize it including your theme and other module you need.
  • Done.

Simple right? fast and effective. The problem you will faced is maybe on the customized theme and module, it’s not easy to make a good theme for online store to take people attention on it.

Of course you can add optimize your wordpress SEO, said permalinks, title tag, keyword, sitemap, and other SEO technique you know.

Meet any problem? Discuss it! leave a comment and I will response back, have a nice day 🙂

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This time-bomb virus will deleted all your data in your hard-disk and flash-disk including system files for each file founded on date 12-13 around 8-9 AM each month. If you got this message in your computer then you have infected by this Deadlock Virus.


This virus has strange master files, I don’t know why this virus creator choose apache.exe (popular web server) and mysql.exe (popular database) if users familiar with computer process they will found out this master files easily. Deadlock has been compressed by petite 2.x. with size 80KB, using application icon.


Spreading Technique:

No autorun.inf, Deadlock using desktop.ini then folder.htt to execute flashguard.exe, so… if you’re infected by this virus each folder will contains this 3 files.

  1. Desktop.ini
  2. Folder.htt
  3. Flashguard.exe



Virus Affect:

This virus will deleted all files, not only data or document, virus will removing them all. If this happen to you I really don’t have smart solution for this… You can try using recovery programs, badly this programs not free. Maybe you can try to searching for free recovery programs, Anyway in my experience not all recovery programs working 100% sometimes you can’t get back lost files in 100% if you lost it in long time ago (ex: 1 year ago).

Virus also will deleted system files and make your computers fails to start, consult with your OS vendor how to fix this (In windows XP there is repair tools from CD but don’t know other) if there is no repair tools you have no choice to reinstall your OS then recover back your lost files.

HOW TO:Remove DeadLock Virus Manually:

1. Disable System Restore when in cleaning process.

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This is might the AMAZING tools I have ever seen, WP-MIXER is worpress plugins used to mixing all available resource such as article directory, images, youtube video, yahoo answer and more coming soon.

Wp-mixer will combined all of this resource to become one post on your blog, This is the best autoblogging tools and efective for people looking for targetting keyword into their blog. Installation and configuration very simple just upload this plugin, activated it, setting it, and click GO! your money machine works for you. Combined with all wordpress SEO plugins can make your blog become the next super blog!

This plugin categorized as blackhat SEO because it’s actually grab content, anyway it mixing all available source so make your posts looks like natural post. This important element make your blog also can get pagerank very easy. Articles, images illustration, Video, and question for discussion.


  • WordPress 2.5+
  • PHP 5
  • CURL

The effect on shared hosting? Not all hosting will allowed this plugins, you know some hosting company are suck but not all, others are really give great service said hostmonster, hostgator, dreamhost, bluehost and other you can prove it as good hosting company. I try this plugins on dreamhost shared hosting and it has no issue at all, the new wp-mixer version has fixed the bug if this plugins not work in other hosting.

I never reading people reporting the effect after using wp-mixer with google adsense, personally I think it to much risky because you all know google adsense have strict rules to their publisher. You might get problem on duplicate content if you’re using wp-mixer with adsense. But there one share how he earn good money using this plugins, in 2 weeks he can earn his money back used to purchase wp-mixer and then he continues profitable.


I recommended to you this plugins to used when you need autoblogging tools, I’m using it also but in other hosting and other domain (just for experiment) You might interesting with this tool? go Click here to visit WPMixer website!.

Have fun earn money! 🙂

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Well, This is my short review again. This time I will review DMEHosting, First month it was run smoothly until I decide to moving all my sites into DMEHosting, the problem coming next month after I pay my billing for 3 months (usually I billed per month to make sure they give me the best service as they promise in their promotion). DMEHosting started complaint to me ,they say I used to much CPU resource on their budget VPS (this package sucks) and I decide to change apache into lighttpd. Neither the problem was not done yet they keep contact me and said I used to much resource I contact them back and asking to them are this VPS not isolated to affected their other client.

Their answer is really make me recommended to all of you to don’t ever try to use DMEHosting service. How can this VPS not isolated to other? this mean it’s not VPS but only shared. I complain back and they sorry for can’t isolated my account to affect the other. This is maybe the stupid company ever I faced, how they can claim it was VPS if it not isolated, True?

I know this might only their billing strategy to make me upgrade my package, and right they offer me cheap dedicated server but I’m really not interesting. Why? All of my sites only a small sites and not grown really bigger so I’m not really need this dedicated server, hostmonster can handle all my sites and sure I recommended to all of you to used hostmonster. I decide to leave DMEHosting and let people know my experience with them.

This problem make me lost traffic. This all you must know don’t ever have downtime for your website/blog or you will lose traffic and maybe index. This happen to me but I hope it will fixed soon because my sites are back and running again if not I will contact google. Take a look on this traffic data from one fo my site’s…


You can see in this data I lost around 60-70% traffic affected by this downtime from DMEHosting (around 12 hours) This issue should be and option for you before you choose an hosting company go for hostmonster/hostgator I guarantee you will sattisfied with their hosting service, other? try at your own risk!

Have a good day everyone 🙂

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