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This is come to my attention after looking notification on youtube website. They’re pushing their visitors to upgrade their old web browser into modern web browser. There is 3 list modern web browser on there: Google Chrome, IE8, and Firefox 3.5

After reviewing this 3 browser I actually like the new feature inside it, websites loading faster and many other new features. But wait there is a little problem in here, You all might not notified this new modern web browser can’t opening some website!

Yup, That’s the point of this short article some website cannot loaded using this new modern web browser! I don’t want to tell every site I found but I will share 2 only: (can’t opened using modern web browser) (can’t opened using modern web browser) I got various error messages, said 404 and 406.



First I think they must be banned my IP or they have some wrong configuration on their server or maybe their website reported as “bad site” but when I try to open it using old web browser (tested with IE6) all of this website opened without problem! This is making sense, this modern web browser has no documentation about this problem and I’m scared if they’re not publish this information into public some webmaster out there will lost their traffic for sure!

I’m now using both of this web browser modern and older version to check all my websites list, Thanks god there is no problem in all of my website but I’m curious why there is some websites blocked, I have no idea on what’s happen but I hope you guy’s notice this and checked your own website using new modern browser!

Let see update on this modern web broser website about this problem…

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In this article we will learn how to create custom title and meta description for each pages of you website. If you’re using WordPress or script that already have this standard SEO settings, all title and meta can be done setup in easy way. Anyway how if your website using your own design? I mean you designed it from zero! some of us didn’t notice if actually we are using global title and meta that was caused search engine didn’t give good result in return because all categorized as “duplicated“.


*sample on false title and meta making my site poor in keyword.

Yup, duplicated but actually it’s not duplicated because it’s our false didn’t give clearly information to crawl robots. I will give example using my own false sites after long long time ago, I didn’t optimized this website because I’m stuck and have no idea on how to optimize it. But after learn and learn now I know that I was doing something wrong because I didn’t give right title and meta for each pages (I used global, poor me).

My website using global header.php so all title and meta are same for each page, Now I understand I must change this to get better result in return to my pages. Let’s try to make it…..

First I created file name config.php then I write inside it (this is sample):


$titledownload = ‘Download Area – NexusTK Server Emulator – Atlantia MMORPG Development –’;

$descriptiondownload = ‘<META NAME=”DESCRIPTION” CONTENT=”Welcome to download area, you can downloading files for nexustk server, atlantia MMORPG development in here”>’;

$keyworddownload = ‘<META NAME=”KEYWORD” CONTENT=”download nexmutk,download nexustk,download nexustk map editor,download nexustk music,download gunbound server,download darkages server,download lunentia server,download ts online server,download ran online server”>’;


Then I write in header.php to include this files for each time header.php called:



$currentpage = $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’];

if($currentpage==”/download.html” || $currentpage==”/download.html” || $currentpage==”” ) {

echo “<title>”.$titledownload.”</title>\n”;

echo “$descriptiondownload\n”;

echo “$keyworddownload\n”;



The result is good as I seen in source code, but I’m not sure if this way will make result in search engine better because I need to wait to see if it performs better… Anyway if you’re like to used this simple way you have to repeated each pages to get complex result.. I was thinking to use WordPress if this way fails. he he… enjoy this tips 🙂

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