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Sandra Dewi Bugil….? This is not p**n! this is an computer virus! 😛 but surely this is a noob virus creator *again*


Virus characteristic:

  • Virus size 132kb
  • Virus file type “application”
  • Virus extension .exe
  • Using images icon

Sandra Dewi Bugil Virus has been created using visual basic, If virus success on infected your system he will created some files:

  • \Sandra Dewi Bugil.exe (In all root drive)
  • \Documents and Settings\%user%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\Sandra Dewi Bugil.exe
  • \WINDOWS\Sandra Dewi Bugil.exe
  • \WINDOWS\system32\ Sandra Dewi Bugil.exe
  • Creating duplicate virus on all folder in removable drive/usb.

This virus will show message when your computer active, the easiest way to know is you’re system infected by this virus.


This virus will blocking some windows function to make him hard to removed.

  • Disable Folder Options
  • Disable Registry Editor
  • Disable Search/Find
  • Disable Command Prompt
  • Disable Task Manager
  • Disable Control Panel
  • Disable Msconfig/System Configuration Utility
  • Disable Right Click on Desktop
  • Disable “All Programs” on Start Menu
  • Disable Log Off/Turn Off

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Computer And Internet, Miscellaneous, Tips & Trick

Look… Another lame virus maker… this virus not dangerous at all but it surelly can make you a little anger when your computers slow down and some configuration changed. Mahadewa virus has been created using visual basic scripting (not visual basic) it can simple deactivated by easily rename/deleted wscript.exe in your system32 folders.

This lame virus maker really noob hehehe.. he’s created a BIG size virus, LOL! usually virus has small size to help them spreaded fast but this one really crazy he have a BIG size that make me laugh really hard today.


Wait! I think I know this virus creator here’s him!


Hahaha… I just joking don’t take it seriously people…

How to know your computer infected by mahadewa virus:

1. Your internet explorer header changed.


2. Your internet explorer start page changed to “http://webkom”

3. Your computer name and organization changed.

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Ah Finally… I moved this blog to VPS… I hope this blog can loading faster. Anyway still there lot of configuration not done yet if you found error pages please be patience I will fixed it on next days.

We will talking about server configuration, etc in next article don’t miss it 😛


Test uploading pictures 😀

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Personal, Short Reviews

5 days ago I ordered 3 years hosting from after reading people review in some top 10 shared web hosting review and experienced it myself here is my short review about JustHost… really short 😀

JustHost VS HostMonster

Price shows the quality?? not really… both offer mostly unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth and service, but you have to know.. HostMonster have better CPU and management. JustHost can’t handle this blog traffic, in just 2 days they email me and warned this blog take to much resource and overloading on their server, HostMonster run this blog around 10 month and they never complain *lol* how they can host my another bigger site… I request refund today he he he…

Costumer support are average, HostMonster and JustHost CS reply in average around 30 minutes. How about price? hmm.. After calculating it again… actually HostMonster are better in price but mostly people don’t know what the catch from cheap hosting. To much upgrade needed in JustHost and when you calculate it in total HostMonster cheaper than JustHost.

CPU Score : 7 JustHost – 9 HostMonster

Price Score : 7.5 JustHost – 8 HostMonster

Costumer Support : 8 JustHost – 8 HostMonster

The winner is HostMonster, try it yourself !!

If you only have small sites with low traffic JustHost actually the best options for now, using this coupon code when you order 50OFF you will get 50% discount in 2-3 years payment terms (around $2.95 or $2.50 monthly), remember only small websites can run on there if you’re have bigger sites go used hostmonster or hostgator (someday I will review this gator) if they can’t handle you then going for VPS/Dedicated, many VPS this day offer good service with low price, I wouldn’t tell you but I already know some he he.. Of course it’s cheap because it’s unmanaged but if you know to manage it then why not going for VPS!?!?

I’m sick of this days shared hosting restriction *lol*

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