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Crazy article? Nope I’m serious about this. You can earn hundred to billion dollar daily from forex market in just 1 minutes!, and you could loose all your money in just 1 minutes also!

Learning the forex trader style they are categorized as: Noob, Professional, Profit taking, gamblers. Which one you are? Noob usually play without any knowledge, he just thinking if loose then it’s he bad days. Professional are almost same with gamblers they’re using 99% fundamental and 1% lucky to earn big big profits. Profit taking are smart and always stop once they profit no matter they not reach daily target as long they profit. Gamblers is crazy they just gambling their money for WIN or LOOSE 100% lucky *lol*.

After learning forex more deeply I found some point interesting in here that could help everyone become rich with smart movement. First before you enter the forex market the important point in here is HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE TO PLAY Simple! next point is HOW MUCH MONEY YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOOSE and the last thing remember THINK ALL MONEY YOU PUT IN FOREX MARKET NOT YOURS! CONTROL YOUR EMOTION WHEN PLAY.

Strategy to win in forex market.

First calculating all your total money and money you can afford to loose. Read the important news that can affected on currency you play. Look on the charting use many indicator to predicted where this trend will go. after all of this point you understand now preparing to play. open position for buy when price are very low and open position to sell when price are to high.

IMPORTANT: Always open position with small funds first to see where the trends going! Never Fight daily Trend! and never ever trust 100% indicators. Indicators are static market is dynamic!

When you get minus 100-200 (look on daily and weekly chart to predicted highest and lowest price Usually in 200 point are good for big money in market) open new position same with your minus position and wait until market move again. If it keep minus again in 100-200 point open with same position again.

HINT: If you have big funds you can double or triple the position to cover lost in negative point. Once again CALCULATE TOTAL MONEY YOU OWN.

IMPORTANT: Look on major trend and calculating before you doing this.

Once you profit now time to close it don’t take to much profit as much you can afford to loose. with this method you could earn hundred to billion dollar from forex market. If you confused on this article I suggest to play with virtual money first once you understand it you can use real money.

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Hola, we’ll meet again 🙂 This time I will write short review about In-Text Advertising network compare. In-Text Advertising are good for website or blog with rich keyword content. I don’t mean pure text! combination with images also good in performance as long text are dominated. You don’t have to share a empty space like that f*ck*ng adsense *haha* your content is the money maker! more rich it more revenue for yours.

After a week testing performance of each network between kontera, infolinks and linkwords. Finally here is the final short reviews for the result, please don’t blame me if I give wrong review from your side this is just fan review no need to fight each other for this short review 😛

1. Kontera

Very low CPC and eCPM, loading very slow and almost amusing readers. I’m not recommended you to use kontera as it might make you loose your time and benefit but if you like them then no need to comply. About payment kontera pay via Paypal, I read some publisher from digitalpoint forum get banned once they near to payout.

2. Infolinks

I love this one that’s why I used them, Average CPC and eCPM, fast on loading with smart technology to choose almost many keywords that interest readers. More innovative on result like explanation words about the keywords, nice template design. Paid via paypal and bank transfer each month net 45 minimum is $100. I recommended infolinks to try.

3. Linkwords (AKA product)

I would compare this one with infolinks, they really have VERY HIGH CPC and eCPM in this industry. Last week I confused on choosing linkwords or infolinks. You know because they rate are good compared with infolinks. But…………… There is the bad thing I didn’t like: Template design = really noob , Loading = average slow, Keywords = not rich. Paid via paypal each month minimum $25. I recomended linkwords to try.

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Online Business

After a few day’s looking for monetize my traffic site I look on some great network I even seen before, specially for CPM network out there they rate are variate and better than adsense eCPM.

Some of them are local network which started around 1 years ago, Happy to see they are growing in this local market.

Last week I contacting my partner in bandung to submitted my proposal to his company about creating new ad network, seems like he’s interesting and start calculate everything lol 😛 and finally… he’s approved it hahaha..

We will start this project as soon as possible, this project will backup by some investor for next 3 years after that if we fails then this is over lol *again*

First we will targeting advertiser around Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, China, and Australia because this is our local market we understand what they want and what they need, google have to stop controling us!! it’s not impossible we will open for every country once we have good performance. everything started from dream in last years ago….. who say dream would not become true? ^_^

With adbrite clone script and dedicated server we can start this soon, I’m asking for outsource network out there to working together with us we can stop this ugly giants one day. Without people supporting them they will break and collapse 😛

If you’re interesting to become our investor for next 2 years you can contact me and I will send your proposal about our planning and target. Well.. basicly we can cover this all funds for starting but we always open if someone would become our investor.

* I will not reply to all income mail, I will choose a few.

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Crazy! I think all of my site has been targeted to get spammed by someone or maybe group.. Last 2 days ago I give notification in some of my site tell them to stop spamming or I will banned them. Mostly they are spamming for V****a, x**, p**n, rubbish stuff, etc. Seems like spam business make a lot money for them… eh?

Looks like they was thinking I’m joke? hell no I’m not joke this time *bad temperament lol* I banned all they IP from accessing my website. I don’t care about traffic may decrease for a weeks this stupid guys group must be stopped!

I searching the way to do it and i found it lately to play with simple .htaccess file to stop this noob from spamming..

blocking their IP using this sample code:

<Limit GET POST>
order allow,deny
deny from
deny from 123.123.123.
deny from 123.123.
deny from 123.
allow from all

Read the rules: (Blocks a specific IP address)
123.123.123. (Blocks ALL IPs within the range
123.123. (Blocks ALL IPs within the range
123. (Blocks ALL IPs within the range

I recommended you to blocks specific IP adress to minimize your lost traffic.

Now for disable hotlinking from bandwith stealer use this sample code:

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