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Another my simple strategy to win forex daily. Patient, unlimited margin, and smart analyze is the key to win. Use Parabolic SAR indicator and FIBONACCI indicator for prediction. Beside this indicator you can read people prediction and read some TRUSTED news source.

Here some important point you have to look before you’re going to open position:

  1. Looking on daily chart and weekly chart, to see what major trend are still valid.
  2. Looking on 1 hour chart and 4 hour chart to open best position following the major trend.
  3. Always use 1% margin to open buy or sell position.
  4. If you win, each 100 point open same position following your first position. Until 1.000 point you have to close all your position to safe your profit.
  5. If you loss, each 100 point triple your margin and open position not same with your first position. Watchout  on MAJOR TREND don’t fight it.
  6. I recommended you to have 10.000 margin to hold floating.

Be patience to learn the market movement, in many case people are fails because they’re not patient on waiting their target, in another case they not calculating available margin so they got margin call when floating.

Good luck!

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Who says new version of operating system would be safe and better than older version ?!?! In this case virus trouble maker show how they can adapted their new technique to touching new version of operating system. In this case “huhhaha” virus has been touched windows vista even it categorized as low risk virus.

“huhuhaha” virus has been created using language “VBScripting” virus size around 6 kb. Spreading technique almost same with classic technique using autorun.inf .. here us virus structure :

  1. autorun.inf (in all root drive)
  2. huhuhaha.vbs (in all root drive)
  3. %systemroot%\WINDOWS\system32\XpWin.vbs

How to detect when you get infected by this virus?

1. look on your run command.


2. System restore deactivated automatically.

3. On your browser header.


4. Disable UAC (User Account Control) function, Vista team clarify this function as better protection for vista and now it’s already broken so who say vista are safe?


5. Change registry on name and organization on your registered version to become “huhuhaha

6. De-activated safe mode function, and try to make BSOD (Blue screen of death when you try to access “safe mode”.


7. Turned off “security center” function.

How to clean your computer from huhuhaha VBS/Autorun.AO:

1. Unplug your computer from network.

2. Kill active virus process, in this case because this virus run as “VBScript” it will used file “wscript.exe” to run in computer background. Kill wscript.exe by select end process.

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Seems like what I predicted in December 2008 will become true, After reading news from some source I predicted USA in next 1-3 years next will stay in economic crisis condition.  After president Obama fails to stimulate the US Dollar raising, from wrong on pledge an oath and also his decisions on supporting Israel beside help people in Gaza to live normally I think it will make US dollar get hit going lower in next movement. USA will stay on crisis after Obama change his decisions to make a better world, Obama forget on his own promise to make a better world for everyone, USA still not renew it’s MOST same like when BUSH still president.

Some big company is USA already affected by this movement, said Microsoft  Company doing the BIGGEST PHK in history (Fired?? I don’t know how to write in English he he he..) Followed by Yahoo and Google this is signal that company already affected by economic global crisis. Index Dow Jones, Nasdaq are going into the lower position in history, believe me.

Well, Actually this is global crisis, not only USA but WORLD anyway mostly other country not really affected than USA except country has become American puppet. How to survive on this condition? uh..oh.. Sorry I don’t have any tips for this condition he he.. people should stop wasted their money for unnecessary thing and waiting, that’s all.

In other side this crisis condition can be the right time for you to investing and growing your own business. When other company colaps this is your time to move, just becarefull on moving when you wrong you’re gonna bankrupt ha ha ha *lol* Do you have some product? try to sale it in other country. In marketing strategy basicly when you sell something on people doesn’t have enough money to buy it then you wasted your time. Go and sell it to others with positive condition.

Last notice to everyone… Many people already make BIG profit from this condition, BIG movement and wrong prediction will make you loss. Be smart and analyze something before you doing on next step.

Good Luck 🙂

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Hi everyone, finally….. In this article I want to share my strategy how to win forex daily 🙂

First please note this strategy not always will make you profit 100% but in my case 8:2 i’m profit. You can not blame or bomb me *LOL* when this strategy make you loss to much.. this strategy works fine with me and maybe for other but not guarantee as is.

First before you open daily position on market you have to read some news and prediction here are some great source you may take a look before:


This site provide really good prediction even sometimes(7:3) it’s missed to 70-80% but I really recommended you to read prediction in there first before you open your position.


Really good source for fundamental and prediction on up or down the trend market will go, not 100% accurate but 7:3 it’s really smashing the market!

* You can find other from search engine.

Now calculate your total money and how much you can afford to loose, I  really recommended to use 1-5% from your total money to used as open position. Why not using 50% or more? no pals there is no really 100% prediction will follow in the market so play safely and take profit as you think it’s much enough or you will LOSS ALL YOUR MONEY.

Ready? now open your position and let it floating, set your SL (stop loose) and your TP (target point) to keep your money are safe and not lose to many. When the good time to open position? OPEN IT WHEN MARKET PREPARE TO OPEN. In this case use time converter my timezone is GMT+7 usually I open on 9AM, 4PM, 8PM. Out from this time frame you will only look a small movement.

When to choose the right time to close position when profit? When you are green 🙂 as much 10-20 point you should close it or you could double, triple it or loos more. Follow my strategy? 20+ point! if it floating to much I close it before it going minus.

Said you profit 100 point daily and your total money is $10.000 you’re using 1% margin from your total money (really safe) you could make $100x5x4 = $2000 monthly, in a year if you stable you could make $24.000 that’s 240% ROI. This is just really simple simulation.

Interesting huh? yeah… I know you’re interesting when you want to try this strategy and start make profit you can email me on [email protected] I have limited 10 coupons for only 10 people really interesting.

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Crazy article? Nope I’m serious about this. You can earn hundred to billion dollar daily from forex market in just 1 minutes!, and you could loose all your money in just 1 minutes also!

Learning the forex trader style they are categorized as: Noob, Professional, Profit taking, gamblers. Which one you are? Noob usually play without any knowledge, he just thinking if loose then it’s he bad days. Professional are almost same with gamblers they’re using 99% fundamental and 1% lucky to earn big big profits. Profit taking are smart and always stop once they profit no matter they not reach daily target as long they profit. Gamblers is crazy they just gambling their money for WIN or LOOSE 100% lucky *lol*.

After learning forex more deeply I found some point interesting in here that could help everyone become rich with smart movement. First before you enter the forex market the important point in here is HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE TO PLAY Simple! next point is HOW MUCH MONEY YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOOSE and the last thing remember THINK ALL MONEY YOU PUT IN FOREX MARKET NOT YOURS! CONTROL YOUR EMOTION WHEN PLAY.

Strategy to win in forex market.

First calculating all your total money and money you can afford to loose. Read the important news that can affected on currency you play. Look on the charting use many indicator to predicted where this trend will go. after all of this point you understand now preparing to play. open position for buy when price are very low and open position to sell when price are to high.

IMPORTANT: Always open position with small funds first to see where the trends going! Never Fight daily Trend! and never ever trust 100% indicators. Indicators  are static market is dynamic!

When you get minus 100-200 (look on daily and weekly chart to predicted highest and lowest price Usually in 200 point are good for big money in market) open new position same with your minus position and wait until market move again. If it keep minus again in 100-200 point open with same position again.

HINT: If you have big funds you can double  or triple the position to cover lost in negative point. Once again CALCULATE TOTAL MONEY YOU OWN.

IMPORTANT: Look on major trend and calculating before you doing this.

Once you profit now time to close it don’t take to much profit as much you can afford to loose. with this method you could earn hundred to billion dollar from forex market. If you confused on this article I suggest to play with virtual money first once you understand it you can use real money.

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