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Jengkol.. What a stupid virus name, Jengkol is traditional food in Indonesia,  I don’t know how to categorized this one as food or fruit… usually some people like to eat this thing but I’m not those crazy one. THE SMELL *LOL*


Alright I think no need to explain more about what is jengkol ha..ha..ha..

This virus jengkol affect is it will logging off your computers once you executed .INF files or when you editing .VBS file. This virus will works by hiding all files he found with .DOC extension. You work in big company? when this happen your bos will fire you *LOL*

Alright let’s remove this virus out from your computers with 6 simple steps. Read More »

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Sorry for bugging you guys with this new adsense optimization video, Because I think this video good for sharing you might want to take a look on this simple video for optimization.

That’s right, as you can please put your adsense ads on place which people can see it without scrolling their page, combine it with other part optimization sometimes bigger ads is better! you could see something different.

Good luck! 😀

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This is new variant of those d**n Chinese virus maker, It’s working same like older technique in old ARP Spoofing part II, If you see file name they using this team looks like gamers team in china. What they looking for? Spoofing your log! get your financial information, get your sensitive information, etc.

Know your enemy!

How actually this virus working? It’s actually attacking your network, no matter what operating system you’re using, what browser you’re using, this virus can reach  windows, linux and mac. Actually this virus active on windows platform but in linux  or mac with wine application installed on it this virus can active! Browser? Any browser can hijacked! said internet explorer, mozilla firefox, opera, even new google browser chrome! in short words “anyone, anything, can be infected by this virus“.

To know this virus active in your computer, the easiest way is looking from yahoo messenger error script the code for this virus is “]


Same like older version it will hijack source of any website you access with modification code through fake gateway which infected for virus spreading, You have to stop access internet if you already know you’re infected.


Once active this virus will Read More »

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Take A look on this 2 great video and you will know how to optimize your adsense revenue.

Good luck 😀

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2008 will ending soon in a couple weeks, I need to preparing my next target for 2009. This year I will focused on programing service. I have an idea to make service based on programing, like cybercafe billing (basically billing service for anything) , fun programing like games or application for computer and cellphone, and computer protection.

Same like 2008 I still will grown my gaming site and maybe will build new 2-4 gaming site, build dos games archive site, 1 free font resource, ETC, plus many other  content I was thinking in my brain.. I have looooooooooooot of time for new idea for website content. About the genuine content I might created online store focused on electronic item since I have connection with some big online store on Indonesian market this might can generate a little money for myself *LOL*

Still there is one I was thinking about what obama focused on? hmmm..?

*Smiling* 🙂

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