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Damn those all virus maker, they will never stop make our world better. Hey for you all virus maker out there get a job and stop harassing people! 😛 To detect if your computer has been infected by this virus:

1. You will get error message “16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem” when you start up your computer.


2. Virus will change computer owner and organization become:

RegisteredOrganization = GoldenGhost.Inc
RegisteredOwner = GoldenGhost


3. When you booting you will see option -= GoldenGhost Was Here =-


This virus has been made and compiled using visual basic, compressed with UPX, virus size around 1,312 KB. To trick some newbie out there this virus will associated as windows media player files, Actually… with .exe extension.

Master Files
Virus will create master files on
%SystemRoot%\%folder%\%file%.exe (random)
%SystemRoot%\system32\%folder%\%file%.exe (random)
Blocking Windows Function
Disable function “pasteâ€
Disable run
Disable Searh
Disable FolderOptions
Disable menu Recent Documents
Disable right click
Disable CMD
Disable RegistryTools
Disable TaskMgr
Cannot show hidden files
Deleted antivirus Programs

This virus will try to deleted some antivirus programs like Norman Virus Control, kaspersky dan McAfee.

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Payoneer Master CardDo you want free debit card to verify your paypal account and in same time can be used for payment from some affiliate program, withdrawn it on any ATM with mastercard logo around the world?!?! Well… for some people this article might not useful, anyway for some freebie collector out there after read this article youÂmight can show me your smile.. he..he.. you don’t have to buy Virtual Credit Card from me although I’m not guarantee they will approve you 😛 *gasppp I’m gonna corrupt*

Alright, to learn more about payoner debit card in faq, fees, legality, etc. You can read it from their website on everything on there.

Now read and learn this step how you can get this payoner debit card for FREE by joining a***tfriendfinder affiliate program. WTF affiliate P*rn?! it’s all your choice dude! you can continue using their affiliate program or you just can take their FREE debit card for yours 😛 take only positive side for yourself *lol*

  1. Register Here
  2. Fill form with your detailed information.
  3. Once you registered and verified go login.
  4. Take a look on affiliate they offer you might interesting to promote it to earn some revenue.
  5. Click Account Information look on the top page word with “Click here to update your information. ” click it.
  6. Scroll down until you see word with “Payoneer: Signup to be paid by Prepaid MasterCardÂ. You will be directed to a FriendFinder page hosted by Payoneer, where you can sign up for a card“.
  7. Follow that link and order your payoner debit card.
  8. Once completed you have to wait 24 hour for approval, they will tell you on email.
  9. If it approve you have to wait around 7-20 days until that debit card arrived to your home.

You can use this debit card to verify your paypal account, beside that there is some affiliate program that will pay through this payoner debit cards, some of them can be found on payoner website.

Enjoy Everyone 😀

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Who care? All my site has been hit downÂto pagerankÂ0 but I doesn’t care, really?! who care about my pagerank? google do care? people care? that small robot even don’t know how to choose good and bad site quality content. This is my site, I have full rights to write and put everything I want.. without get intimidate by anyone!

Who care? I’m quit!


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Well, It’s not 30 day’s yet since I use HostMonster service, but I really love to write my review about them to let people know HostMonster are good web-hosting company. Let me compare HostMonster with other web-hosting service I already used.

  • HostMonster VS DreamHost

HostMonster are little better than DreamHost, In HostMonster everything can be managed very easily using cPanel. DreamHost not using cPanel and little hard for some newbie. Beside that, in factor price HostMonster are cheaper than DreamHost with unlimmited space and bandwith HostMonster win in here compared to DreamHost, Plus in HostMonster you have ability to change PHP configuration so every website type should be workin on HostMonster web-hosting.

Score! HostMonster VS DreamHost 9:7

  • ÂHostMonster VS CrayonHost

Well, It’s realy not fair when I compared HostMonster with CrayonHost. But, since I already used them so I will write everything I know in here without lie to all of you! Totally in every aspect HostMonster would not compared with CrayonHost.

Score! HostMonster VS CrayonHost 9:5

I really would like to write review HostMonster vs HostGator, Since I never used HostGator service so I can’t compared both of them he he he… poor me 😀 I don’t know about HostGator CS and web-hosting service they offer. Just for information I got some friend screaming to my ear HostGator have better UPTIME compared with HostMonster.

So, for you people wanna try HostMonster but afraid they are not good I recommended you to use them, you will satisfied I’ll give my word guarantee 😛


If you’re order now this “hot chick 😛 will give you superb discount! $5.95 per month for 24-36 month contract.

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Annoyed! when some people hotlink your files/images and not giving link-back to your site, They run their own ads code using your bandwidth. I think this is not allowed! at least they should giving link-back not just stolen our bandwidth without anything like that. Would you give them some psycho attack? Then you’re on right page keep continue reading on this article.

If you want people back to your site you should make an code to stop hotlink files and give warning message on it… like my very easy sample 😛


I made an warning message in some of my site to stop hotlink, photoshop images are good but I prefer html/flash files with click action script so when people click on it it will redirect to your own site.

Once you make your own warning message time to edit .htaccess files and put this code:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http(s)?://(www\.)? [NC]
RewriteRule \.(swf|jpg|gif|etc)$ hotlink.jpg [NC,L]
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