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This is my simple explanation on how to get flooded traffic and raise your pagerank in short time. If you disagree with this method then stop reading and give me more technique how to get it 🙂

Your site got no Traffic? then try this simple tricks to get it. People around the world using Internet are usually using search engine to get information on what they need. The 2 most powerful Search engine are google and yahoo. There is other search engine but in my opinion this 2 search engine are the champion of search engine so we have to focus on it.

The great news is… google have completed data for trends keyword based on daily search you can see it for free! We can play with that trends data to create content with keyword from google trends data and get flooded traffic in short time it will also (claimed by some friend and other people) can raised your site pagerank.


Visit google trends website on HERE you will got almost great data information on trends keyword daily. If you have site with almost same keyword with google trends data you can try to make new content using that keyword. In result? of course it will be flooded in short time on next day you can visited google trends website again and looking for new keyword trends today.

The trends keyword hourly, daily is changed. So… using google trends really fit and the best technique for news site or blogging site. Don’t have it? you can still using google trends to analyze your keyword using google trends.. you can searching for keyword match to your site content and try to implement it on your site.

Give it a try you won’t loose anything 🙂

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Hello everyone, I’m back again he he he *cheers* 😀 this time I will write about TNX review. How many website do you own/manage? 1, 10, 100, 1.000 ? not satisfied with another ads network performance? well.. it’s classic! we all know not all website have different way to generate revenue to pay at least our hosting fees each month and domain fees yearly.

Let me introduce to you about TNX (for people already know about it stop reading then :D), TNX is link sale basically. But why I recommended TNX to you? with some reason sometimes google hit our website pagerank down to 0 and we cannot sell link on that website, we lost revenue and time in here. In TNX we can sell link even we have Pagerank 0 all needed is your website already indexed in most search engine (google, yahoo, msn, ask, etc it can easily done by submitting your website sitemap) in other words you build your SEO and TNX will work to sale link on your website without looking on your pagerank.

TNX is good in my history, they never cheating me in the last 6 month since I joined with them so I very recommended you to try them. You can easily earn $ unlimmited each month from TNX! All depend on to how much page you own and how much website you own. For each of that sale link you will get point and point can sold back to TNX or other TNX member. Point price will grown each month so you can safe it if you like.

Starting 11-07-2008 TNX will buyout your tnx-points at the rate of $0.9 per 1000 pts. Those who meet link placement recommendations (links not in block etc.) will be getting $0.92 per 1000 pts. You can sell that point to TNX or to other member, And you can also use that point back to advertising your website link to TNX to raise your pagerank. TNX Minimum payout is $5 paid using PAYPAL.

* Tips for double your TNX Points.
1. Calculate how much your website page already indexed on search engine.
2. Double, Triple or more (max 4) your link.
3. Make a good communication between you and TNX so they know you’re a good person.

Well.. if you interesting please do my favor.. Joined on TNX using my TNX referral link in HERE Thank you everyone! 😀

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